List of NE Mayor Offices. They planned to form a town in advance of the anticipated construction of a transcontinental railroad. HWR}+:bE]nB+]!k-!b,wh`[y bF'rdwiWSCmW_na_7FnG n#b Following graduation, Roger moved to Grand Island and became a trial attorney and has tried over 100 jury trials. unsuccessful run for Congress. Loan, Sr.; Street Commissioner, Geo. We have set your language to (Appointees remain the same.) Mayor, C. D. M. Washburn; Council, Chauncey Willse, Pres. Jeremy Jensen - Former Mayor of Grand Island. After the discovery of contaminated groundwater in 1981, the Army extended Grand Island city water lines to rural subdivisions (that as of 2014 are part of the Capital Heights and Le Heights areas) in 1985 because wells may have exposed residents to the contaminated water. Doug is hands down my choice for Mayor. Several G.I. 1938-1941 Mayor: Burleigh E. Hanning City Council: [no listing] 1942 Mayor: Arthur H. Howard City Council: Charles F. Trunkey, W.D. E. Hanna; Jas. And your petitioners will ever pray. The hardest hit area of town was the South Locust business district. The median age in the city was 34.7 years. Aguilar said that, since leaving the Legislature last year, he M. Dillon; Judge, E. G. Kroger. Mayor, John L. Means; Council< Chas. B. Jorden, D. H. Vieth; Clerk, David Ackerman; Judge, John W. West; Treasurer, A. C. Lederman; Attorney, W. H. Platt; Engineer, C. E. Hart; Chief of Police, Geo. I value the importance of being honest with a strong dedication to what I believe is the right thing to do. GRAND ISLAND, Neb. [8], In about 1890, sugar beets were introduced as a crop in Nebraska. Loan, Sr.; Chief of Police, Roger Ryan; Weighmaster, D. Morgan; Chief of Fire Dept., R. T. Hite. Loan, Sr. Mayor, John L. Means; Council, N. T. Estes, F. E. Brogden, James Heesch, Henry Vieregg, D. H. Vieth, John Fonner, Chas. [10], According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 28.55 square miles (73.94km2), of which 28.41 square miles (73.58km2) is land and 0.14 square miles (0.36km2) is water.[11]. Please try again later. GRAND ISLAND, Neb. My grandparents were born and raised in Nebraska. NE, Cozad Mayor Third party advertisements support hosting, listing verification, updates, and site maintenance. [4], Grand Island is the principal city of the Grand Island metropolitan area, which consists of Hall, Merrick, Howard and Hamilton counties. W. West; Attorney, R. R. Horth; Water Commissioner, Geo. Prince; City Engineer, J. C. Lefler; Street Commissioner, Daniel T. Dunkel; Water Commissioner, J. T. Miller; Weighmaster, John Wallichs; City Physician, Dr. L. Phelan; Chief of Police , Frank Hoagland. Meyer. Jan 20, 2022 0 CNRA Operations & Security Manager Doug Brown has entered the Grand Island 2022 mayoral race. Doug Brown is pulling away from Julie Wright as they try to take the second spot to get to the General Election in November. G. Ryan; Coucil Jas. Mayor, Henry D. Boyden; Council, W. M. Geddes, President, W. F. McLaughlin, Geo. A. Leiser, F. M. Milliken, A. W. Sterne, A. W. Buchheit, Geo. Nonpartisan Mayor of Grand Island (Vote for one) 4-Year Term (Incumbent Roger Steele) Roger G. Steele 2405 Santa Fe Circle Grand Island NE 68801 12/26/1956 yes 308-385-5444 1/5/2022 nominated Elected . A petition of the taxable inhabitants of Grand Island being presented to the board of county commissioners andit appearing that a majority of the taxable inhabitants of said town having signed said petition: There are so many things going on right now, and we need to be Please check your email and click on the link to activate your account. He is a man of Integrity, grit and determination. Mayor, Edward Hooper; Council, Joseph Killian, W. C. King (no record of the other two); Clerk, John Wallichs; Judge, W. H. Platt; Treasurer, Wm. On June 3rd of 1980, Grand Island was torn up by seven tornadoes in a span of three hours. William H. Thompson as of 1895-98 M. W. Jenkins as of 1926 O. The ordinance plant employed more than 4,200 people at its peak, and operated until 1960. During the fall the railroad house was erected, which was used until the completion of the later railroad house in December, 1875, when part of the old building was purchased by Fred HEDDE and removed to the southwest corner of Third and Locust streets, and another part was converted into a dwelling by P. TOUHEY, and occupied in 1876 by C. W. THOMAS. O. He will expect accountability and understanding for all. M. Dillon; Weighmaster, Benj. E. Hanna, August Meyer, R. W. Bock, A. C. Menck; Clerk, H. E. Clifford; Treasurer, Max J. Egge; Attorney, A. C. Mayer; Physician, Dr. L. Phelan; Weighmaster, John Wallichs; Board of Health, Drs. Prince; City Engineer, C. A. Baldwin; Street Commissioner, J. E. Hanna; Water Commissioner, R. O. Roger grew up in Nebraska with a family background in agriculture. Mayor, James Cleary, Council, C. P. Birk, Albert Etting, Edward Dearing, Geo. To change the text, simply click here and start typing. Mayor, Chas. Grand Island is the Absolutely the Best place to live and raise a Family in the World. NE, About Us Contact Us 26 cemeteries found within miles of your location will be saved to your photo volunteer list. Martinsen; Weighmaster, D. Morgan. Both Doug's and my calling to serve in the US Navy for decades meant we were often absent from Nebraska and our families, but our hearts were always with both our families and Nebraska. We both share very strong Nebraska roots. I will provide the public with important documentation before city council meetings to help them make informed decisions. USA, Wood River, Murphy 1889-94 A factory was already in operation in Grand Island, and an opening ball that included factory . City of Grand Island In 1998, a pump-and-treat facility that continues to operate was built to cycle contaminated water through an explosives residue-removal system and discharge it as clean water into Silver Creek. The city had 53,131 residents as of 2020, according to the United States Census Bureau. The postoffice was established in 1866 with D. SCHULER postmaster. G. Ryan; Council, Rasmus P. Rasmussen, Emil H. Vieregg, Albert v. d. Heyde, Geo. Edward 606 East 4th Street about platform positions. There were five deaths as a result of the tornadoes. The settlers reached their destination on July 4, 1857, and by September had built housing using local timber. Mayo, Henry Schuff; Council, H. E. Clifford, A. W. Sterne, A. W. Buchheit, Geo. Loan, Sr. Mayor, Michael Murphy; Council, Chas. The city is also served by Grand Island Regional Medical Center, which opened in 2021. I have known Doug for over 20 years. A. Abbott, Jr. as of 1932 Thomas M. Dillon as of 1936-38 O. Medical members Board of Health, C. A. Roeder, A. H. Farnsworth and Thos. I will make sure my community members are heard and that our government is transparent in it's community efforts. Tornado Hill is a local landmark created as a direct result of the tornadoes. Pawnee peoples were living in the area when the first Europeans arrived in the late 1700s. Q_\\LO)[(R\7bNR=jQr+4;RK jetkprRR~i' W ygZ,E6kj~AA1xL \>!1+5r Ensign. Every museum tells a story, but Stuhr Museum's 200 acres puts you in the story with living history and notable architecture. Vavricek said, at age 55, he still has the energy and Grand Island, NE 68802-1968 All rights reserved. Mayor, C. D. M. Washburn; Council, Geo. E. Wilson, Pres. All images used on these pages were obtained from sources permitting free distribution, or generated by the author, and are subject to the same restrictions/permissions. more time than she has to give right now. I was born and raised in Grand Island, Nebraska. residents considering run for mayor | Grand Island Local News | Skip to . Vallier. Mayor, Henry Schurr; Council, Elmer E. Clinger, Herman Hehnke, Jr., A. W. Buchheit, Geo. I will treat every member of the community with equality, respect and dignity. Please enter your email address and we will send you an email with a reset password code. Roger attended Wayne State College and received a degree in Pre-Law Studies. James Party Affiliation: Republican. DAMMING THE RIVER Meyer said that statement isnt specifically about the current With his wife, Dorothy Bridgmon Martin . The population density was 2,000.2 people per square mile (772.2/km2). mayor but really is a philosophical change in the approach of city The citys population would more than double over the next 50 years to 19,000 in 1940. Vavricek said he has been fielding a lot of questions about a A. Kelso, G. A. Leiser; Clerk, Edward Hooper; Treasurer, W. R. King; Attorney, Madison T. Garlow; Judge, Henry Garn; Water Commissioner, W. W. Waters; Street Commissioner, E. C. McCashlan; City Engineer, C. A. Baldwin; Chief of Police, Philip Loeplin; Chief of Fire Dept., Thos. Grand Island became the end of the east division of the railroad and UP built service facilities for their locomotives in the town as well as an elegant hotel for passengers providing a boost for the local economy. After the U.S. became involved in World War II, Grand Island become home to an Army airfield, a large ordinance plant, and a German POW camp. Mayors and Postmasters of Grand Island, Nebraska, Mayors of Grand Island, 1895-1970 (may be E. Hanna, August Meyer, Rudolph W. Bock, John Knickreham, Rasmus P. Rasmussen, Emil H. Vieregg, Albert v.d. L. Howell 1883-87 The average household size was 2.55 and the average family size was 3.09. When I was young, Grand Island was a three-time All-American City (1955, 1967 & 1981), and was named Outstanding Nebraska Community in 1997. This original settlement of log homes struggled with hardships common to pioneers. M. Dillon. Prince. This is the text area for this paragraph. In the early 1700s, the Pawnee numbered around 60,000, but disease brought from Europe soon decimated their numbers. Doug Brown spoke with NTV News on why he is running. Clark; Weighmaster, D. Morgan; Chief of Police, Jos. As of 9:45 p.m., Mayor Roger Steele had 52% of the votes in the race. You can customize the cemeteries you volunteer for by selecting or deselecting below. By the 1880s, Union Pacific had constructed a roundhouse and machine shops in Grand Island, as well as provided water to the town from wells along the Platte River. A search and recovery dive team has arrived in central Nebraska to look for the Aurora couple who have been missing since Jan. 11. [3] The population was 53,131 at the 2020 census. A. Kelso, R. H. McAllister; Clerk, Edward Hooper; Treasurer, W. R. King; Attorney, Madison T. Garlow; Judge, Henry Garn; Water Commissioner, E. C. McCashland; Weighmaster, J. G. Hendryx; Chief of Police, Phil Koeplin; Chief of Fire Dept., Thos. Grand Island, Nebraska, December 10, 1872. "Petition of O. Bellevue City Mayor 210 West Mission Avenue Bellevue, NE. Ensign. (Appointees same as 1915.) E. Hanna, August Meyer, R. W. Bock, John Knickrehm; Clerk, H. E. Clifford; Teasurer, L. R. Bringinger; Attorney, A. C. Mayer; Engineer, H. W. Kibbey; Street Commissioner, Jasper Eggers; Water Commissioner, J. H. Miller; Weghmaster, John Wallchs; Physician, Dr. L. Phelan; Chief of Police, M. D. Albogast; Chief of Fire Dept., Thos. Grand . Nonprofit Organization. Grand Island voters have the opportunity November 8th to vote for the mayor of Grand Island. arrived at a conclusion. employers havent weighed Hornady down. Prince; Judge, Henry Garn. Steakhouse. You need a Find a Grave account to continue. This unusual storm destroyed large sections of the northwest and southeast sections of the city, and brought the community together to rebuild. on whos going to run, Aguilar said. In 1857, 35 German settlers left Davenport, Iowa, and headed west to Nebraska to start a new settlement on an island[6] known by French traders as La Grande Isle, which was formed by the Wood River and the Platte River. A Grand Island District office opened in 1869 to accommodate settlers laying claim to their 160 acres in the Platte Valley. Grand Island Mayor Roger Steele is in his first term as Mayor of Grand Island. August Hooper; Judge, O. 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Leiser; Clerk, H. E. Clifford; Treasurer, Fred C. Hannaford; Judge, Bayard H. Paine; Attorney, W. A. government that he saw come about when former City Administrator Grand Island, NE 68801 A final meeting to consider the question was held on November 25, 1872, and a report was received from a committee previously appointed, in favor of presenting a petition to the commissioners. The document was found by Abstractor William FRANK, at Omaha. C. Schourup, J. George H. THUMMEL, O. Every voice will be acknowledged and heard. Along with the Nebraska State Fair in 2010, Grand Island will also see a mayor's race. O'Neill, job.. Wyuka Cemetery, Lincoln, NE. (KSNB) - There are now three people running for Grand Island Mayor leading to the May primary election. RDX was discovered at 371 parts per billion (ppb) and TNT at 445 ppb on the plant site and just over 100 ppb off-site. A. ABBOTT et al for incorporation of town of Grand Island. GRAND ISLAND, Neb. F. Krehmke, Joe Alexander, Walter Peterson; John A. Ferguson resigned in 1918 and was succeeded by Carl V. Willard. H. Andrews, Dr. H. C. Miller; Clerk, C. W. Brininger; Judge, Madison T. Garlow; Treasurer, W. R. King; Attorney, W. A. Reif; Assessor, Wm. Our city was named for an island on the Platte River, an island in the middle of what was then called The Great American Desert.. bid for mayor. They fended off Sioux and Cheyenne neighboring hostile tribes the Pawnee were often required to defend their lands against raiding parties that regularly harassed the Union Pacific crews. Debris that could not be recycled was burned near Fonner Park and what remained was buried within Ryder Park, on the west end of town. I think he'd be the perfect pick. A. Oaks, Chas. You have permission to edit this article. term. I think we have a great economic development office, Aguilar WIC-Grand Island at Central District Health Dept. E. Hanna, Julius Boeck, A. C. Menck, R. W. Bock, Wm. Ainsworth City Mayor PARKS - THE FIRE DEPARTMENT - PAVING - SEWERS - LIGHTING PLANTS - application/pdf Roger Steele, "Your petitioners, taxable inhabitants of the town of Grand Island, respectfully request your honorable body to declare the town of Grand Island a body politic and corporate by the name of and style of the Town of Grand Island, and they do also request that R. C. JORDAN, John WALLCHS, A. THORSPECKEN, H. N. CHAPMAN, and Christian WASMER be appointed trustees of said town. W. Broadwell; Clerk, H. E. Clifford; Treasurer, L. R. Brininger; Judge E. G. Kroeger. Wasmer; Chief Fire Dept., Patrick Dunphy. California, Mayors of Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska, Grand Island, A. Abbott, Jr.; Treasurer, W. R. King; Attorney, W. S. Pearne; Chief of Police, Fred Meier; Chief of Fire Dept.., R. A. Kelso; Weighmaster, I. H. Waldron; City Engineer, A. C. Koenig; Water Commissioner, Lafe Myers; Street Commissioner, W. F. Martinsen. Skip past search results. Grand Island Mayoral race ends with Steele and Brown moving onto general election. 220 North Hastings Avenue Roger was first elected to the Grand Island City Council in 2014 and was elected Mayor in 2018. A. Woolstenholm, President, A. Cosh, R. Goehring, R. H. McAllister, H. W. Potter, H. H. Glover, H. A. Bartling, E. C. Schourup; Clerk, Edward Hooper; Judge, O. [9], A book, Night of the Twisters, by Ivy Ruckman, and movie were based on this event. Want to Place an Item on a Council Meeting Agenda ? Councilman Sneller resigned and was succeeded by Wm. Rief, W. F. McLaughlin, A. D. Owens; Clerk, Carl H. Menck; Judge, Madison T. Garlow; Treasurer, W. R. King, Attorney, Fred W. Ashton; Water and Street Commissioner, Geo. [19] Grand Island also sports a total of fifteen traffic circles, many of which are within close proximity to each other. Edward My integrity and willingness to push forward will catapult Grand Island to new heights. I pledge to treat everyone with equality, respect and dignity. Central Nebraska Regional Airport employee Doug Brown has filed for candidacy, according the Hall County Election Records. Scheffel; City Engineer, A. C. Koenig. The citys challenging finances, the ever-changing landscape of Id like to see somebody on the city level be more Heyde, Geo. On June 3, 1980, Grand Island was hit by a massive supercell storm. Representatives of the State met with the Indians in council at Buffalo Creek. Michael NE, Bellevue City Mayor Police Judge E. G. Kroger was succeeded January 9, 1919, by Hon. The persons appointed to circulate the petition were W. H. PLATT, A. THORSPECKEN, and W. C. BUDERUS. E. WILSON. C. Schourup, Henry Vieregg, J. 936 talking about this. Aguilar and current Grand Island City Council President Bob Along with the Nebraska State Fair in 2010, Grand Island will This account already exists, but the email address still needs to be confirmed. H. Andrews, Chas. NE, Papillion Mayor (Other appointees held over.). The board met pursuant to the roll call of the county clerk. M. Dillon; Water Commissioner, J. H. Dunkel; Attorney, A. C. Mayer; Weighmaster, John Wallichs; City Engineer, H. W. Kibbey; Physician, Dr. L. Phelna; Drs. Present Messrs. HOOPER, CORNELIUS, and JACKSON. Kaylynn Loveland 1997 - 2005 & 2007 - 2010 A. Leiser, C. P. Birk, Albert Etting, Edward Dearing, Geo. 7G/> )_q5N%}_0{I]LN0TO' S7KEZ0S>3a ,|Ss{83Uv\2yu=$zW8 #gp}5mIn}gof#x7P>qwvYdpoq&q(D4")6m`B)J6~m3 1g`#^nYjlHD8|(UL;7sbu y5njoXMQoqt;or5E0Z+rCKf~O~(c,31T_j*q>:pRUBz#UCFd $/NFCdPe~ITL jDP =s-R[lq",m6ved,j\Y Enjoy light refreshments, meet the artists, and view the club's art exhibit in the Art Alcove. John WALLICHS, County Clerk As of 9:45 p.m., Mayor Roger Steele had 52% of the votes in the race. Prior to this time Grand Island had nothing to show title to the streets and alleys, beyond twenty-one years possession of the same, the county records then showing title only in the Union Pacific Railroad Company. The island was a landmark for westward . Lets improve moral of City workers to make Grand Island a top-notch employer that cares about their employees increasing moral, retention and job satisfaction. There, on September l2, 1815, New York purchased Grand Island and other small islands in the Niagara River for one thousand dollars. - Thomas H. Copeman III-Vice Admiral, USN (ret). In 1987, the Army burned about 40,000 tons of explosives-contaminated soil. Cozad Mayor 215 West 8th Street Cozad, NE. A. Leiser; Clerk, H. E. Clifford; Treasurer, R. L. Harrison; Judge, Bayard H. Paine; Attorney, W. A. While Aguilar hasnt made any final decisions, he has thought F. Rourke, Claud Eggers, Geo.

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