But in reverse, like alnitak is firstor better yet, if I hold my palm up to a mirror, its in perfect order. Orions are master manifestors. Dark and evil magik can be done with teeth and old stitchings. Your assignment may be global, or you may have been tasked with guiding and supporting just a few individuals. The psychic triangle is also seen in the middle of the palm. Starseeds carry reminders of their otherworldly origins in shape or pattern of their other constellations. With around 38,000 inhabitants per square kilometer as of 2019, Yonghe is one of the most densely populated urban areas in the world. Although logic may tell you that, Read More If You Miss Someone Can They Feel It? Yonghe District (Chinese: ; pinyin: Yngh Q; Peh-e-j: ng-h-khu) is an urban area in the southern part of New Taipei, Taiwan.Yonghe District is the smallest district in New Taipei City. They are the pioneers, the first wave of starseeds to . What is your mission as a Starseed? It is further believed that the Orion constellation inhabitants were under tremendous pressure from their hostile system at one point. You're very good at pushing yourself to do your best and achieve your goals, which is why you never give up. A starseed is an extraterrestrial being who has come from another world or system with advanced intelligence and usually a spiritual mission. And they dont all have a spiritual significance. You are a fellow Starseed from the 7 Sisters clusters greetings and well wishes to you brother seed, Andromedean as well, I found out in a reading.. Do you know anymore info plz & ty. Im a Virgo. I am Sirian. To remedy this, they need to practice emotional expression. This denies them the chance to engage emotionally with others. They used a laser thermometer during the height of covid at work, to make sure we didnt have a fever. Orion starseeds are human and not human at the same time. I am a Starseed from Mintaka and I am a natural uplifter and life enthusiast like many other Mintakan's Starseed, that have come here on Earth to spread love and light during this time of great transformation and Ascension. Below is a birth chart and I have marked the Pleiadian starseed markings with red lines. I think alot of them reincarnate as older Eastern Earth races such as Asian. Orion starseeds like many other starseeds are known for having some distinctive birthmarks on their body. This means they lived past lives in other star systems or constellations. Healers mark ( vertical lines under the pinky) Orion Starseeds are individuals who have incarnated from the star system Orion. Hello Marie, I just wanted to tell you that you and I are a whole lot alike, in many many ways. The Orion Starseed belongs to the Orion Constellation. Im a big advocate for the planet and what is being done to her and what we need to do to stop it! To find out your specific starseed alignments, you can check out this free birth chart reading here. Each of these signs interacting with each other is significant to the starseed personality. They tend to have experiences that challenge science. Orion Starseed are also natural born leaders when life presents them a challenge that needs solving, Orions instinctively know how to get the job done. Check out my new YouTube Video on how to interpret your birth chart for starseed origins and incarnations. Hey - I'm Eugene! In that case, hedge witchery has the most intimate, Wondering if someone feels it when you miss them? They love to impress others with what they know and win conversations with logic. They can sense things before they happen. It maps the journey of the planet around the sun. I have 3 mole in several locations. If you identify as an Orion Starseed, know you are on a special mission to help humanity achieve greater awareness. guides? I have 3 dots, that for a triangle beauty mark right under my right eye, and on my left forearm. I was born with a mole on my forearm too. People who collect things like that are usually up to no good. Orion Starseeds have experienced unimaginable pain in their star system at one point in time. The Starseed Markings are also known as star freckles, birthmarks or Hindu marks and they are considered to be a particular kind of "spiritual brand" that is chosen at conception for each embryo. This is not the case with Orion Starseeds. This individual often wonders why others are not as motivated when seeking knowledge and wisdom. Find out the physical traits and birthmarks of Orion Starseeds, as well as their mission in life. Thousands of people find clarity every month by talking to psychic readers. Then this guide is for you! I had been looking at birth chartssearching for starseed markings for other stars and star systemswhen on May 17th finally found what I was looking for. Each of these signs interacting with each other is significant to the starseed personality. These individuals are rich in unique talents and skills in great demand in our world. The Orion star system is located in the Milky Way galaxy. These are highly evolved and old souls who carry a plethora of wisdom deep within the core of their being . 12 Signs You're an Orion Starseed. I have my birth chart. Orions are uniquely able to see anything they attempt through to completion. Im not sure what brought on my awakening this time but Im living it and loving it. So they can fully express themself and teach them to learn what there own skills are. They live or have lived or will live or do live or exist or inhabited or incarnated or embodied or manifested here for a divine mission which is to share love with the world. Orion Starseed people are often drawn to the sciences mathematics, physics and geology are three examples. Orion starseeds also respect an individuals freedom to choose on their journey, which helps create strong bonds with those who are not so like-minded. 4) You're perseverant and self-disciplined. They also dont learn well the conventional way nor by rote memorization. You owe yourself to learn to listen and appreciate other peoples feelings. Its an astrological chart representing the positions of the sun, moon, planets, and other celestial bodies. . Or maybe youre at a loss on how to move forward with your career or life. Physical markings can be identified based on body parts like the eyes, face, build, etc., and abstract markings are present in character traits. I have a triple moon symbol and almost all the palm signs, Medium said I had eye middle of palm . Instead, they ensure that each project is completed before they start a new one. This was honestly one of the most interesting articles I have ever read. But i dont know what kind I came from. 2 birds on left hand and a butterfly on back of left hand and on back of right an angel holding a spear thats cresent shaped. Its not by accident that the Orion Starseeds find themselves on Earth. When my gifts began exposing themselves I pushed them down for lack of understanding. I want to go home this is not home and till this day I have the same feeling, I have no birthmarks at all but over the past years there have been moles forming on my arm, with every ew one it gets closer to the starsign draco. Stargazing is also a favorite pastime of Orion starseeds, as a fascination with stars and galaxies is deeply rooted in their soul. They seek understanding through science and research. People are often drawn to their birthmarks and wonder what are the meaning behind them. Their competitive nature marks these natives as cold and self-centered. I dont have it one my palm, but I do have Orions belt on my right upper arm. 25, 26, 27, 28and 29 degrees in Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, Cancer and Capricorn. Therefore, they need time alone to evaluate their performance and plan their next move as they recharge. What are the physical traits of Orion Starseeds? But, unfortunately, an Orion Starseed cant understand why some people lag while others do so well. They make decisions based on the hard information available to them. . Vega is what speaks to me, Lyran? Almost everything I pray for I receive. 25,26, 27, 28and 29 degrees in Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, Cancer and Capricorn. Some characteristics of these Starseeds include highly logical beings, sensitive, and incredibly smart. I have the lines under my pinky, the V, and Ms in both palms. 25,26, 27, 28and29 degrees in Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo, Cancer and Capricorn. Starseed Constellation Palm Signs. I am working on a dance never seen before for that reason! If you have a lot of these, then chances are, you have a Pleiadian lineage. Orion Starseeds have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. They may also have some sort of contract or agreement with someone who has a lot of karma coming back., Orion starseeds are often drawn towards intense activities such as skydiving, They can be very passionate about something yet not know how to explain why or what makes them like it so much, A common feeling among Orion Starseeds after completing an intensely tasking activity is one of confusion because theres no sense of completion that theyre used to getting from other types tasks.. It would be nice to talk to you at some point in time. He says I have vision that I void . Hi John! If your name is that, then there is a possibility. After my fathers death in 2016 the flood gates opened. Common starseeds include: Sirians, Orions, Arcturians, Pleiadians, Lyrans, Andromedans, etc. They often find it harder to adapt to Earth because of the lower vibrational energy. They can be creative, insightful, intuitive, visionary thinkers. For example, those who originate from Arcturus and Pleiades know of nothing but peace, love, and harmony. Turns out Im a a healer. intense connection with whales and dolphins. After I had gotten out of a very hot shower, there was a white circle with a red triangle, with an upside down triangle inside of it. They freaked out. How Orion starseeds feel after being around others: After spending some time alone or with animals, an Orions mind will often reconnect to their true self again.. Orion Starseeds do not make decisions based on their feelings. I've met some starseeds that even know the name of their home planet. As a result, many Orion starseeds find success in workplaces where teamwork and collaboration are prized above creative individualism. Your Starseed markings are based on your birth chart. If you out your sister have had misfortune fall upon your head is was mostly your aunt. The healers mark is a series of three or more vertical lines directly under the pinky finger on the palm. I am born under the Moon rising sign of Aries, and am a 4th generation witch, and empath. Orion starseeds have an inquisitive nature, allowing them to find pleasure in a wide variety of interests and hobbies. They also freak out when I ask how they are and they reply Im OK. How are you ? Then I say no. Im about the same area you described. Starseed Eyes, Face & Body Wouldn't you know people are amazed by accounts of unusal bodily differences with Starseeds, or star people, those who incarnate onto earth in a human body but whose souls have originated elsewhere in the universe. Orion starseed birthmarks. ALSO READ: Orions Belt spiritual meaning. An Orion Starseed is not likely to leave issues hanging halfway. The average annual temperature is 21.7 C (71.1 F) and the precipitation averages 2,111 millimetres (83.1 in) per year. Starseeds can also be grouped based on auras, and each one carries a different set of personality traits. The Orion star system is located about 1 350 light years away from our planet. An Orion Starseeds word is good enough for any purpose. Their curiosity drives them into areas of expertise that most people tend to shun. When I was little I used to imagine my hand was a map people always ask if I burned my hand. Am I witch and what kind ? So they try to get away from this madness now and then. There are also claims that witches marks are found all over the body on various parts of the skin. My entire life I felt like I was outside looking in, even in my family. Ask yourself is the world we are now living in heaven on earth? Theres a growing trend in the witchcraft community where women are looking for their witches mark. This means they lived past lives in other star systems or constellations. There is grouping according to star origin, soul age (old and new), aura, etc. Thank you! Orion starseeds live on earth as humans, but are not human. This can come about largely through scientific knowledge. Orion Starseed love can be somewhat aloof, preferring to spend time alone rather than with others . Basically, it was a way to get their rocks off on many different levels. , You all are amazing My name is Rose, My Birthday is 10.29.1979 born 4:53am in Tulsa, Ok. 2. If you originated from the Orion constellation, you are an Orion Starseed. You might notice that your lowest two chakras are particularly strong. Markings on the feet, hands or body are consistent with Orion. Embodying the power of this cosmic energy enables us to foster positive change within ourselves and the world around us. Under the guidance and support of an Orion Starseed, you find it easy to align your intentions, thoughts, feelings, and actions with the Universe. Crops ( or X) in palm You take an unconventional approach to your tasks. Orions can often experience energy blocks due to their fixation on science and knowledge. When I was born in 1971, every planet in the solar system (9) at the time, was present in my house. Also, their use of logic and strategy in their decision-making process comes in handy. But honestly I have them all and could send you pictures. Ive come to realize I am a Starseed. Most of us have moles and freckles all over our bodies in various place. The term starseed can also describe someone who has evolved and come to Earths surface in order for them to fulfill their mission of experiencing life on earth with all its joys, sorrows, lessons and growth opportunities.Starseeds may have memories of what it was like being up there, says Dr. Eric Pearl I call these people Sky Adults. All for Covid though. When I was a little girl I used to tell my mommy R.I.P . Exciting times indeed, thanks for sharing your story. Have you ever wondered if youre an alien soul, a Starseed? A Mintaka Starseed story. On my left hand theres 4 xs under my index finger healers marks both hands letter m in both palms the intuition line on left hand is severed from a sliver that required stitches at age 5 that my aunt kept.. she has teeth from my dad and sister. are known as traveling souls because theyve experienced several lifetimes on other planets and different dimensions before settling down on Earth. Happy to hear the article resonated. The figure of this hunter is one of the most recognizable in the sky and its easy to spot. Same, I have all plus a phoenix birthmark and freckles in the shape of orion's belt mirrored on my left arm and the 7 sisters on my right. You always feel like you know something others dont know. They also have distinctive moles on the body. Fortunately, with some guidance there are several tools that can help these starseeds overcome their struggles and manifest their potential here on Earth. All other planets are in 7-12. They are also here to embody the original orion blueprint or seed so that orions can be born again. Here are MORE Physical Signs of a Witch. If youre unsure or notice a mole that looks different than it did before, please see a doctor. Im an 11 so i decided more info was needed. They are here as guides, advisers, or assist with shaping the future of humanity. Do you think I am a starseed from Andromeda? Judy Potter Mintakan Orion Starseed Signs and Traits: strongly drawn to the water element, you love all things about the ocean, beach, and bodies of water. Hi Jennifer! I have a light blue mark and inside the blue has another deep blue mark in my left leg since I was born. I wish all my Starseed brothers and sisters a blessed life. Starseeds are advanced spiritual beings and are known as traveling souls because theyve experienced several lifetimes on other planets and different dimensions before settling down on Earth. They often feel things more intensely, so they need time for themselves; especially in nature or with animals. Orions are truly funny, smart, spiritual beings when they are in balance with their higher self. Orion Starseed Traits; Andromedan Starseed Traits; Procyon Starseed Traits; 3.Use your Intuition - Some starseeds know exactly where they come from and where they've incarnated based on their experiences and even memories. Orion Starseed are usually creative and can come up with new ideas in seconds. Indigo seeds are known as warriors and are guided and protected by Archangel Michael. I have recorded a detailed video on the exact steps I took to find out my starseed origins here: https://youtu.be/0Xzzn0OKOCc The home of Orions was once covered in pristine waters. I know of a couple types from watching videos and hearing what to look for on my birth chart, but I feel drawn to others that werent listed in the video also. While birthmarks and moles may indicate a witches mark, not every mole or mark on the skin has a meaning. This trait is closely connected to the one above. 1. They bring a sense of wisdom, understanding, curiosity, appreciation, and love for knowledge that is very helpful in these fields. Third Book of Orion Council Channelings through Krista Raisa | Check out 'Return of Orion Council' on Indiegogo. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); To learn more about the Otherworldly Oracles website Privacy Policy, visit our Privacy Policy page here. Starseed markings can also be alternatively sub-grouped into two main groups; The personality traits of each Starseed type differ. I have strange knowings and paintings often morph into real life events. ok Im in your group, I do have all on my palm however, to elaborate on the subject would have been more thorough not to mention a better more precise article ..right? I have a witch tattooed on my thigh.. Lavendar of the Starseed Hotline has done some AMAZING work identifying the starseed marking for Pleiades. The next step is to do your shadow work to shed what doesnt serve you, so you can awaken to your psychic gifts and starseed nature. So when they say they will accomplish a given task, you can be sure it will be done. I do too, but just recently noticed on my heart line 3 dots in the middle that resemble orions belt. Instead, these individuals are logical thinkers; they rely on the power of their minds more than anything else. Will someone please reply to help me. Starseeds often long to be among the stars. The fact that you ask yourself this question strongly suggests you are a Starseed. Or they can sense and feel when others are unhappy or when an attacker or enemy intends to harm them. During the Witch Trials, witch hunters scoured the countryside in search of witches to burn, hang, drown and torture. Now that Im learning more about these marks, it makes so much sense! There are probably other lineages with varying degree ranges, such as Arcturian . Where they can connect with the source and listen + hear and watch or feel or intuit or perceive or know or sense or experience or observe or notice or watch the ethereal energies and beings and other entities which exist on another dimension or frequency.. Orion starseeds are highly empathic, spiritual, psychic, intuitive + creative. ALSO READ: What is the spiritual meaning of cats in dreams? Or perhaps youre looking to find more information about your Starseed origins. Rarely do they refer to their emotions when handling a challenge. You never back down from taking on a challenging task or a problem to unravel. Due to the intense energy this star system produces, many starseeds struggle to adjust to life on Earth and feel disoriented or overwhelmed. Their eyes are red or black or brown or blue or violet or grey or multicolor or metallic or multidimensional and their hair is silky, smooth and long+ straight + shiny.. Orion starseeds look much younger than they are. Orions are also big fans of music, and are often drawn to careers that involve playing an instrument or singing. Humans need to be reminded of the greater power that resides in the mind rather than the body. They are here to bring balance and light to the earth with their original orion blueprint or seed when it is time for the masses / others to awaken .. Orion starseeds live from a greater wisdom, which allows them to see or sense or feel or intuit or spiritually channel and observe the world more clearly, even when or if they have difficulties with their eyes or vision or sight. Others claimed scars or scratches on the body were a sign the devil had marked his territory. However, they avoid tapping into their emotions not to rekindle their trauma. Its important to note that while Starseeds often share these traits, there are exceptions who dont fit the physical characteristics. The Universe constantly sends signs we can use to improve our lives. Some sages and seers claim these markings are placed there as a reminder to the incarnated being. House occupation determines Outer Planet markings. Or they see pictures of people, places, events and things in their mind + strong intuition or psychic abilities. For example, a birthmark that repeats itself on family members may indicate a line of witches depending on the shape and location. the sound of the ocean heals and relaxes you. Whats wrong ? Am I a starseed? I have a #12 with a t below it on my right inside wrist and my initials on left. I have recorded a detailed video on the exact steps I took to find out my starseed origins here: https://youtu.be/0Xzzn0OKOCc I found my triangle on my left upper arm during my awakening as well. For this reason, we starseeds often confuse our origins with our most recent incarnations. Index finger line is one of intuition. Orions are here to help humanity advance through science and humanitarian causes. The Witches mark dates back centuries, possibly thousands of years, and is often carried by witches in each of their lives. Some Starseeds come from places where competition is unheard of. Julia is the founder of The Spirit Nomad and helps lightworkers step into their power and soul mission. Believed to be a powerful spiritual guidance, this energy can help us reach our highest potential and come into alignment with our soul path. Im not sure if I belong here but I had a situation that recently made me have to shave my head on both sides and I have a red mark that looks like the letter E or depending which angle you look at it from it could be a 3. An example of a birth chart calculation; Birth Date (17/May/1997) + Birth Place (Houston) + Birth Time (12:00am) = Placidus Houses. You are probably a seed for many systems or a mix. White crosses on my back that burn and Red Cross on back of my neck. All Starseeds are identifiable by their notable birthmarks. Why would you cry, for example, when you are overjoyed? Look into understanding and embracing empathy, clairvoyance, intuition or healing depending on your palm signs. For those feeling a deep connection to the constellation of Orion, working with its energy can support them on their journey towards enlightenment. Lol. They can manifest as moles or beauty spots and bear similar placements to stars or constellations. Orion Starseeds are particularly concerned about our spiritual consciousness. In their desire to escape the trauma and constraints imposed on them, a good number choose Earth as their place of incarnation. For starters, these Souls originate from the stars of Orions Belt which adds an extra spark of creativity and larger-than-life imagination to their personalities. Id try to get those away from her. Please I would love hear more. You need to understand that theres more to life than acquiring tons of knowledge. Then this guide is for you! You are here for humanity as a whole, and you are also here for yourself. There are online birth chart generators that require the above information. They can or can communicate or channel or are aware of or or feel or sense or intuit or perceive or spiritually connect to their twin flame or twin soul through the heart center and emotional body. Youre likely left behind or relegated to the periphery if you are not competitive enough. So like why do I have almost all the symbols I feel like thats rare. The arrow of Orion points up towards the sky, reminding us all to reach up to unlock our personal power and enlightenment. Have a beautiful day! I have onions belt on my arm and rhe big dipper on my chest Im am Aquarius every thing in my life points to orion but I cant help think pleiadian ??? Im 25 years old. That you were potentially hung in a past life. It is no longer covered with water as it was millions of years ago. Using Lavendars work as a foundation, I was able to identify starseed markings in the birth chart for additional star systems! (15 Ways to Know for Sure), 17 Signs the Universe Wants You to Be with Someone. I have a red wine port birthmark on my left palm. Also, they fear awakening their emotions as this would remind them of the physical struggles and trauma they endured in the original star system. Some Starseeds also come from other planets. Any thoughts about her strange hobby? Other birthmarks or moles might be symbols you carry with you as sacred dedication to a specific god or goddess OR to witchcraft in general (like a triple moon, rune, etc.) Also have moles on right lower arm Lunar deities play an essential role in your life if you are involved in moon-related rituals and practices. Lu have all the palm sogns listed and Orions Belt on my index finger. In addition, birthmarks in the same place as other family members may indicate magical bloodlines. I believe it could be if every child reborn again get what they all deserve and that is a fair and loved one the minute a baby opens his/her eyes. I also connect with what most call archangels. I have the exact things word for word that u have experience even the moles that line up on arms whaaaa, I have a red heart shaped birthmark on my right forearm. This was mind blowing to me! If youre looking for a starseed, your best bet might be the constellation Orion. When you miss someone, can they feel it? Like with other Starseeds, Orians can have unique birthmarks or markings on their skin. Ive been saying that Im a Barometer of Humanity since my health has been declining in direct correlation with the terrible around me. The next logical step is to find out your Starseed origins. Starseed markings (or Starseed alignments) are celestial body characteristics in birth charts, ie the position of astronomical bodies the sun, moon, stars, & visible planets. On a metaphysical level, Orion Starseed Souls bring a deep connection to higher dimensions and ancient spiritual awareness that isnt known by other types of starseeds. The markings of an Andromedan Starseed. That might be something you could look into! Starseeds from the Orion constellation can have a particularly difficult time when it comes to their spiritual mission on Earth. Have you ever looked up at the night sky and found yourself curiously drawn to Orions belt in the constellation Orion? Some characteristics of these Starseeds include highly logical beings, sensitive, and incredibly smart. By nature I feel peoples emotions and other things I dont feel comfortable sharing since it has been very painful trying to understand . Orion starseeds tend to be quite perseverant and self-disciplined. It drew me there. Mahalo, Ive never seen anything like it. When I asked my guides what my connection to Atlantis wasthey said, You ARE Atlantis. I am struggling with how to use my gifts, and in discovering my purpose/misdion. Some claimed the witches mark was given to the witch by the devil and was a teet from which the witchs familiar would suckle blood. They often exhibit signs of great psychic power and the highest levels intuition making them masters at manifesting whatever they desire. These birthmarks may be dark spots, star-like beauty spots, or moles placed like individual stars or together like a constellation. Start projects ideas but move in to next easily distracted As an Orion Starseed, your purpose is twofold. Pleiadian Starseeds are beautiful souls that originate from the Pleiades star cluster. Heres some of my suggestions on how to do that! Not all Starseeds become fully developed in their time on Earth. I have the cross on my finger, the healing lines, and several birthmarks all over my body. The Starseed's Compass: A Guide to Identifying Your Starseed Origin is an ebook that lists the starseed markings or alignments for twelve star systems! So what is the truth? Maybe i can embrace it and put it to good use. Hu Julia. At the same time, Orion starseeds also tend to be loyal and conscientious employees; they work hard, listen closely to their superiors, and try not to rock the boat too much with new ideas or suggestions. I have been trying to figure this out for a while You need to be fully conscious of your evolution journey and spiritual importance on this planet to count as a Starseed. The concept of a witches mark historically dates to the Medieval and Early Modern period and has a much darker history than the witches mark of today. Although it is not the closest star system to our planet, it is one of the most easily recognizable due to the bright stars that make up Orions Belt. There are traits (physical and personality) that reveals if youre a starseed or not, and you can also see signs in your birth chart. Same, I have all plus a phoenix birthmark and freckles in the shape of orions belt mirrored on my left arm and the 7 sisters on my right.

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