If Murray breaks out in Year 2, he'll be on the fast track. Last season was the first time Peterson missed an NFL game or failed to make the Pro Bowl, with both owing to his six-game PED suspension. Greg Rajan is the senior editor for Texas Sports Nation, the Houston Chronicle's sports website, and also curates the daily TXSN newsletter and writes about sports media. Barnwell and friends discuss sports -- usually. Of the nine corners who have debuted since the NFL-AFL merger and made the Hall of Fame, just two had been a first-team All-Pro by their third season, which puts White in good company alongside Rod Woodson and then-corner Ronnie Lott. Ranking NFL offensive weapons He'll have a better shot once reunited with Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco. In the running (40% to 69%): C Maurkice Pouncey, LB T.J. Watt. He's going to get in on the first ballot. But given the relatively small number of modern-era inductees each year a minimum of three and maximum of five now is a good time to look at the ballot in upcoming years and notable players wholl become eligible for election and may impact Johnsons fate with voters. 1 pick and winning Offensive Rookie of the Year, but that hasn't historically been a helpful combination. Meanwhile on offense, receiver Allen Robinson's three-year, $46.5 million contract (signed last spring) comes with $15.2 million guaranteed in 2023. Lock (100%): QB Ben Roethlisberger. Fitzpatrick went from getting benched for the Dolphins in Week 1 to becoming a first-team All-Pro after his arrival in Pittsburgh; another year like 2019 will push him into Watt territory. Hunter just needs more individual recognition to raise his chances. Through Week 9 of the 2019 season, Evans has played 85 career games. Every two-time winner got in easily, so while Watt might not have the longevity he hoped for, the Houston icon could retire tomorrow and get in. From 2015 to 2019, his numbers are virtually identical to those of Eric Ebron. Bosa's case is trickier, in part because he missed four games in 2016 and nine games in 2018 with injuries. After five consecutive Pro Bowl campaigns, I wonder whether Landry actually has a better shot of surpassing his friend and longtime teammate. He has been one of the five best players at the second-most lucrative position in football over the past five years, and the fact that he was traded for two first-round picks and then delivered a wildly successful season with all of that attention in 2018 helps him. Hes too similar to other Hall-of-Famers and future Hall-of-Famers not to be taken seriously. Bell's case as a scheme- and personnel-transcendent back fell apart in an ugly 2019 season, with the former Steelers playmaker averaging just 3.2 yards per carry. Work to do (10% to 39%): WR Adam Thielen, LB Anthony Barr. Tom Fears, WR, UCLA, 11th round, 103rd overall: Likely (70% to 99%): OT Jason Peters. And as much as everyone loves Boldin, he was never dominant enough to keep his former teammate out of Canton. He has now made three consecutive Pro Bowls, although his only first-team All-Pro nod came in 2017. The 2020 No. Watt is off to a dominant start, having racked up 34.5 sacks over three seasons while earning two Pro Bowl nods and a first-team All-Pro berth last season. ln the running (40% to 69%): RB Alvin Kamara, DE Cameron Jordan, CB Marshon Lattimore. Ryan's case is trickier. The left tackle has seven Pro Bowls and two All-Pro nods before turning 30. Seymour made it to seven Pro Bowls and three All-Pro teams and hasn't made it to the Hall of Fame, but Thomas was more conspicuous at safety and was a key member of a legendary defense. In the running (40% to 69%): QB Lamar Jackson, CB Marcus Peters, K Justin Tucker. (Justin Simmons, who was one of the NFL's best safeties a year ago, is still waiting for his first Pro Bowl appearance.). After that, we have players who are Likely to get in, who I estimate have between a 70% and 99% chance of earning induction. Evans was a big-time NFL prospect. Panthers impressed by Derek Carr visit We're in a pass-happy era, but Thomas has more receptions (470) and receiving yards (5,512) than any other players in league history through their first four seasons. The Cowboys are blessed with two linemen bound for Canton. The Cal product has five Pro Bowls and a first-team All-Pro appearance through his age-30 season. With five consecutive first-team All-Pro appearances, he could retire tomorrow and get in without any questions. In the running (40% to 69%): DE Chandler Jones. The reason Jackson is in this section and Fuller is in the next group is that Jackson has made two Pro Bowls in three seasons while Fuller has two across six years. 1 min read. You can't make the Hall of Fame while you're still in pads, but Mike Evans has been making his case over the past six seasons. He figures to have a strong case for first-ballot election. Six of the seven men ahead of him are in the Hall, with the exception of Peppers. Pro Football Reference's Hall of Fame monitor ranks Edelman 110th among wide receivers, and that gives him credit for winning three Super Bowls. Only two full-time kickers Jan Stenerud and Morten Andersen are in the Hall of Fame, but it would be hard to see Vinatieri shut out given his accomplishments. The only thing Pouncey is missing is a Super Bowl appearance. Future Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Gushes Over Giants' Kadarius Toney 123 Shares By Vinny Somma Updated Apr 30, 2021 at 1:11pm Getty Kadarius Toney #1 of the Florida Gators reacts after. First, its hard for young guys to adapt to the NFL. They both need multiple All-Pro seasons before they can rise up the ranks. He was on the All-2000s team, a three-time first team All-Pro and made eight Pro Bowls. He has the third most sacks through his age-25 season of any player since the league made it an official stat in 1982, trailing only Derrick Thomas and J.J. Watt. Kuechly played just eight seasons with the Panthers from 2012-19, but they were very good ones, with five first team All-Pro selections, seven Pro Bowls and a spot on the All-2010s team. He made only two Pro Bowls with the Cardinals, which was a farce. Also, if a guy enters the league at a young age, he could theoretically have a longer NFL career, which would give him more time in the second half (or post-peak portion) of his career to put up the accumulation stats often needed to bolster a Hall-of-Fame case. Players with that sort of injury history early in their careers typically don't have the sort of lengthy peak needed to become a Hall of Famer. Center Rodney Hudson deserves more attention, but he has been stuck behind Maurkice Pouncey in the AFC and has only three Pro Bowls to show across his seven years as a starter with the Chiefs and Raiders. Ngakoue has deserved more attention and might get it in a new locale if the Jaguars honor his request and trade the 25-year-old before the season begins. Where does Evans slot in? The one-time tight end has made nine Pro Bowls and was a first-team All-Pro twice. Witten is also the only Hall of Fame candidate on the Raiders' roster. Grading the Jamal Adams trade But lack of team success isnt a disqualifier. Work to do (10% to 39%): DE Yannick Ngakoue. Graham has five Pro Bowls to his name, but I don't think he has done enough to earn a gold jacket. Hall of Fame Wide Receivers. Gronk has five first-team All-Pro appearances. Pouncey fits that magic 8+2 formula I mentioned earlier with regard to Atkins, and at 31, he should still have a couple more Pro Bowls in him. Campbell, who turns 34 next month, is probably going to miss out, which is a shame given how good he has been. In a normal universe, we would be celebrating the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2020 right about now. It's possible to make the Hall of Fame as a lineman without an All-Pro appearance, but the only guy to do it since the merger is Jackie Slater. Heres what those guys did in their first five seasons and where they rank among all receivers in the age-21-to-25 cohort. Vander Esch's chances are stronger than his fellow linebacker because he was a first-round pick and made the Pro Bowl as a rookie, while Smith was a second-round pick and didn't make it until his third campaign. Roethlisberger won two Super Bowls with the Steelers and spent 18 seasons as Pittsburghs starter. Hightower has made huge plays in two Super Bowls, having stuffed Marshawn Lynch at the 1-yard line and strip-sacked Matt Ryan, but he has rarely gotten the regular-season attention he deserves. DISCLAIMER: This site is 100% for entertainment purposes only and does not involve real money betting. The two first-time eligible players who stand out on next years ballot are defensive end Julius Peppers and tight end Antonio Gates. Ten years after he retires, we're more likely to look at his two first-team All-Pro nods and forget those times he guessed wrong and gave up touchdowns with the Chiefs and Rams. He should have a very strong case for election. Judging safeties on interceptions is stupid, but we haven't evolved beyond that point. Brees could have retired five years ago and comfortably made the Hall of Fame. The only Hall-eligible players drafted since 1970 who have five of those and aren't in the Hall are Alan Faneca and Zach Thomas. Membership Foundation Corporate Partners Artifact Donations Commemorative Brick . Xavien Howard made the Pro Bowl in 2018 and would be the best candidate, but he has missed an average of six games per season across his four pro campaigns. Harris has four Pro Bowls and a first-team All-Pro appearance in 2016, but his play has slipped over the past couple of years, and smaller cornerbacks typically don't do well after they turn 30. We don't talk enough about Hunter, who only has two Pro Bowl nods over his first five seasons. He also has worked at the Austin American-Statesman and Temple Daily Telegram. Cox has made five consecutive Pro Bowls, although only one of those seasons resulted in a first-team All-Pro nod. These NFL wide receivers do not count toward our list of 10 worthy Hall of Famers. Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? Given his style, I worry about his aging curve versus that of tight ends who are basically glorified wide receivers. Author: Nate Greer. There aren't any Dolphins who would appear to have greater than a 10% chance of making the Hall of Fame. It's not too late to play with friends and family. Pictured: Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans (13). Unlike Gurley, McCaffrey didn't win Offensive Player of the Year or make a deep playoff run. For now, Tom Brady and J.J. Watt lead the list of this years retirees wholl be on the ballot in 2028. Wide receiver, Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald's career stats: 1,432 receptions for 17,492 yards and 121 touchdowns One of the greatest wide receivers of all time, and certainly among the most dominant of his era, Fitzgerald will likely be a first-ballot Hall of Famer sometime around 2026. He might not make it on the first ballot, but he should make it eventually. There are four notable first-time eligibles on this ballot: running back Adrian Peterson, tight end Rob Gronkowski, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and wide receiver Antonio Brown. Below them are the players who are In the running (between 40% and 69%), and then the players who have Work to do to get on the Hall of Fame radar, who come in between 10% and 39%. With their city hosting the Final Four, the Cougars don't shy from national title talk. Five of the 40 defensive players chosen among the top three picks of the draft since 1970 who are eligible for the Hall are enshrined, a percentage that will rise as players like Julius Peppers and Von Miller eventually become eligible. Just six of 32 Hall-eligible winners made it to Canton, although that's going to rise in the years to come as the likes of Charles Woodson and Julius Peppers win enshrinement. He's an easy Hall of Famer. In other words, instead of trying to project their chances by guessing what they'll do in the future, I'm looking at what they've done so far, comparing them to players at similar points in their careers, and seeing how often players with those sorts of careers made it into the Hall of Fame. I think Rivers probably gets in, but it might take a while. While Witten, 38, is years removed from his peak, he's going to finish his career with 11 Pro Bowl appearances and two first-team All-Pro nods. The former LSU corner was already a star on the field after his 2018 campaign, but getting that first nod is usually tougher than getting invited back. There are four notable first-time eligibles on this ballot: running back Adrian Peterson, tight end Rob Gronkowski, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and wide receiver Antonio Brown. We still have to see what happens with the former LSU star, but of the 24 quarterbacks drafted with the first overall pick since the merger, five are either Hall of Famers or extremely likely to be enshrined. Wilson hasn't missed a game as a pro, so as long as he plays another five or six seasons and continues to rank among the better quarterbacks in football, he should be fine. DeCastro has five consecutive Pro Bowl appearances and two All-Pro nods; if Faneca can't get in with nine consecutive Pro Bowl appearances and five All-Pro shots, DeCastro still has a lot of work to do. The closest comp is Ken Anderson, who had a similar peak and won an MVP award but didn't last quite as long and hasn't been able to get in. He rarely gets the public attention he deserves, but the Pro Bowl voters haven't ignored the interior disruptor, who has earned eight Pro Bowl nods and a pair of first-team All-Pro votes. Work to do (10% to 39%): OT Duane Brown. Edelman has never made a Pro Bowl, but the only player with more receiving yards in the playoffs is Jerry Rice. Will the Dolphins get a veteran QB? He is right on the borderline between the "Work to do" and "In the running" tiers. McCaffrey could turn into LaDainian Tomlinson, but what if he's more like Shaun Alexander, who won league MVP at his peak and never really got serious Hall of Fame consideration? Top-10 picks who make it to the Pro Bowl as rookies have a great track record. I worry a little about Atkins because he plays in a small market and in an era in which he's second fiddle to a better version of the same player (Aaron Donald), but history suggests Atkins is in. The others are Moss, Keenan Allen and Amari Cooper. He was nearly a lock after making four Pro Bowls and three first-team All-Pro nods across his first five seasons, but injuries have cost Thomas 20 games over the subsequent four years. But history suggests that his on-field performance makes him a Hall of Fame lock. Casey has made five consecutive Pro Bowls, but the Titans were willing to cut him this offseason before trading him for a seventh-round pick, which also seems telling about where they saw his future. In the running (40% to 69%): QB Philip Rivers, G Quenton Nelson, LB Darius Leonard. Jordan's ascension from very good player to one of the best defensive ends in football over the past three years has helped drive his candidacy. Bosa won Defensive Rookie of the Year, which hasn't been quite as big of a boon as you might think. If he recovers and returns to his 2017-18 form, he still has plenty of time to get back on the Canton track, given that he turned 26 this week. Lock (100%): DE J.J. Watt. Likely (70% to 99%): LB Khalil Mack. He isn't going to catch Jerry Rice, but he's just under 5,000 yards behind Larry Fitzgerald, who ranks second in career receiving yards. A candidate must get 80 percent of the vote to be elected. Thielen only emerged as a starter after turning 26, which means he would have to play into his late 30s to have a chance at racking up the cumulative stats modern wide receivers will need for enshrinement. Kelce has been a first-team All-Pro three consecutive times, although he oddly didn't make the Pro Bowl in two of those campaigns. Rivers is probably the most difficult case to parse among veteran players. Likely (70% to 99%): TE Rob Gronkowski. Rockets great and championship coach Rudy Tomjanovich was only inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2021. Cooper has made four Pro Bowls in his first five seasons. Quarterbacks like Ken Anderson, Boomer Esiason and Steve McNair won league MVP without earning enshrinement. Mosley's case, meanwhile, has stalled in New York. Work to do (10% to 39%): OT Terron Armstead, OT Ryan Ramczyk. After all, offensive tackle Joe Thomas was elected Thursday on the first ballot despite never playing a playoff game in 11 seasons with the Browns, who were more often than not the NFLs standard for team ineptitude. More on the Ring of Honor found on the team website. Given the ages of Gilmore and Patrick Peterson, Ramsey is neck-and-neck with White and Marshon Lattimore as the likely best cornerback in football over the next five years. Naturally, now seems like a good time to look forward. Like Hill, if Kelce gets three more seasons with Mahomes, I think he's a Hall of Famer. In my Week 10 WR/CB matchups piece, I highlight the upcoming matchup between Evans and Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson and say that we might be seeing two Canton-bound players go at each other in a one-on-one heavyweight matchup.. Ranking the top outlier contracts He has made the Pro Bowl in each of his first six seasons, adding four first-team All-Pro appearances. Okudah's presence owes to his draft status as the No. Pro Football WR Hall of Fame Monitor The Pro Football Reference Hall of Fame Monitor (HOFm) is a metric designed to estimate a player's chances of making the Pro Football Hall of Fame using AV, Pro Bowls, All-Pros, championships, and various stat milestones. Exclusive: Abbott explains push against diversity hiring programs, Texas wants to ban delta-8, but veterans are pushing back, UH, Texas A&M removing DEI statements from hiring practices, The Breakfast Klub sues prominent City Hall consultant for fraud, Astros GM Dana Brown the antithesis of his predecessors, Houston is the most stressful city to work in, says new study, Lauren Daigle at Houston Rodeo: 'God always has your number', Galveston gets fourth Carnival Cruise Line, was not elected in his second time as a modern-era finalist, Houston-area boys basketball playoffs: Regional final scores, Texas Southern falls to rival Prairie View A&M in season finale, Washington advances to state basketball tournament, UT ends regular season on high note with win over Kansas, UH's basketball rivalry with Memphis could end as soon as Sunday. It hasn't been for lack of trying on his part, though. The Hall of Fame receiver responded with a $100 million defamation lawsuit. Julio or Hopkins: Who's the better bet to lead in receiving? We all know what he's capable of, but he needs to put together a first-team All-Pro or Defensive Player of the Year-level campaign soon. If a receiver can enter the league and perform well right away at a boyish age, that speaks well for his future as he develops. Likely (70% to 99%): QB Russell Wilson, LB Bobby Wagner. Elliott has already won two rushing titles across his first four seasons, and that might be enough on its own. He led that sports section to three Associated Press Sports Editors top-10 national awards and his work has been honored by APSE and the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors. I polled my Twitter followers and found that 42.6% of voters thought Rivers was a Hall of Famer. If McCaffrey can piece together even two more seasons at his 2019 level and add two or three more like his 2018 campaign, that might be enough to make it to the Hall of Fame. Everyone but Hill is either a lock or extremely likely to make it in. If that seems surprising after what he accomplished last season, remember that it was his first season with either a Pro Bowl or an All-Pro nod. By Paul Mclane . Although the Texans struggled through much of his career with the team, the franchise and fans always knew they could rely on him for stellar numbers. Guy got some help because the Raiders drafted him with their first-round pick, while Hekker gets extra attention because of his propensity for fakes. Mike Evans is on pace to be a Hall of Fame caliber wide receiver. In the running (40% to 69%): WR Odell Beckham Jr., WR Jarvis Landry. He probably needs two more All-Pro seasons to finalize his case. Of the 35 Hall-eligible players who have won that trophy since the merger, 11 are in, and that number will rise in the years to come. Hightower and McCourty have made only two Pro Bowls each, and while they'll get a bump for their Super Bowl rings, it's tough to imagine them getting in when guys like Richard Seymour, Tedy Bruschi and Mike Vrabel didn't make it from the first era of Pats Super Bowl winners. No promotions available. to put up the accumulation stats often needed to bolster a Hall-of-Fame case. In the running (40% to 69%): S Eddie Jackson. Heres what you need to know. I had Wagner as a lock when I first compiled this list. Twelve of the 29 Hall-eligible players who have started their careers with three consecutive Pro Bowl nods have made it to Canton. Smith-Schuster had a down 2019 season amid injuries and terrible quarterback play; he should bounce back to his 1,426-yard form from 2018. He has made four Pro Bowls and was a first-team All-Pro in 2012, but there are just too many offensive linemen with more impressive rsums who have struggled to get in for Brown to have much of a chance. The Bucs already have the best receiver duo in the NFL in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, and the addition of a player like Brown in his prime would make this unit completely unfair. Since the merger, 11 offensive linemen have been named a first-team All-Pro in four consecutive seasons, and nine of them are in the Hall of Fame. Work to do (10% to 39%): QB Kyler Murray, S Budda Baker. Work to do (10% to 39%): C Alex Mack, DT Grady Jarrett. In the running (40% to 69%): QB Cam Newton, CB Stephon Gilmore. Mosley. In the running (40% to 69%): OT Trent Williams. We still have no idea how Thomas will perform, but if we look back through history, four of the 32 offensive linemen since 1970 who were drafted with a top-five pick have made it to the Hall of Fame. He is a three-time Defensive Player of the Year, joining Lawrence Taylor as the only three-time winners of the award. Most Approximate Value (AV) in a receiver's best sets of five and seven consecutive seasons, 1960-2019. On a weekly basis, Evans is a volatile player, but his year-over-year production has been incredibly consistent. While injuries have cost Watt 32 games over the past four seasons, his unprecedented four-season peak from 2012 to 2015 locked up things. Collins retired with 70 touchdown receptions, sixth-best total in NFL history at the time and more than Hall of Fame receivers Lynn Swann, Art Monk, Bobby Mitchell, Michael Irvin and John Stallworth. In the running (40% to 69%): CB Tre'Davious White. He has a stronger case than you think. One issue: Five of those six are running backs, with Randy Moss as the only exception. All but Gronkowski generated controversial off-field headlines, but the Hall voters only debate what is accomplished on the field. Five seasons of 100 receptions or more plus a few others that flirted with 100 make Johnson one of the most reliable wide receivers in NFL history. In the running (40% to 69%): QB Deshaun Watson. Prescott has made two Pro Bowls over his first four seasons, but his best rsum point is winning Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2016. He turned 32 on Friday, and while there could be more left in the tank, he probably needs another Pro Bowl season or two to ensure he makes it. Subscribe to Stathead Football: Get your first month FREEYour All-Access Ticket to the Pro Football Reference Database. He repeated that feat in 2019, but he'll need to have Campbell's longevity and continue at this level into his mid-30s to have a viable path to the Hall. Join our linker program. Unfortunately, Houston fans have had to wait through the years to see their stars get inducted. Itll be interesting to see if that stellar stretch is good enough to get him in Canton. Lewan has three Pro Bowls. This is the big question: How much longer will Evans play and how productive will he be? Running backs mean less than they have in the past, but Terrell Davis just made the Hall for what really amounted to a three-season stretch as the best running back in football. DT | LB | CB | Safety Jackson and teammate Kyle Fuller both slipped last season, but each earned Pro Bowl nods, and that's going to matter more to voters 15 years from now than how either player actually performed in 2019. If you want to know why people are excited about the Cowboys' offense in 2020, consider that they could have as many as five future Hall of Famers lining up when everyone's healthy. I would put Gronkowski's chance somewhere around 99%. Wagner also has a Super Bowl victory and, quite famously, an MVP vote from Tony Dungy on his rsum. When a group consists of you and Jerry Rice, you've done something right. 19 Won't: Maurice Jones-Drew I've split players into four groups. In 1996, he decided to play football full-time. What will define Eric Bieniemy's success? The Nebraska product nearly won a Super Bowl with the Rams in 2018, but a win with the Bucs and one more All-Pro appearance would greatly help his chances. Since 1950, 12 players have won two or more rushing titles. In the running (40% to 69%): CB Jalen Ramsey. Lock (100%): QB Patrick Mahomes. Wilson is somewhere in the 90% range. In his other two seasons, he racked up a combined 23 sacks and made a pair of Pro Bowls. His PFR Hall of Fame score of 94.2 ranks ahead of several wide receivers already in the Hall of Fame, including Michael Irvin, Art Monk, Andre Reed and Lynn Swann. The Museum of Broadcast Communications also named its first 33 "Legends" inductees, one for each year of the hall's . But Thomas rsum with six first team All-Pro selections and 10 Pro Bowl trips helped overcome any shortcomings with team success. Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsch, future Hall of Fame wide receiver, led the best draft class in Rams history in 1945. While Hunter's chances are probably somewhere in the 65% range, Smith is closer to the lower end of the spectrum in the 40% zone. Winning an MVP in Year 2 obviously leaps Jackson into consideration on its own, but it doesn't seal it. The Best Wide Receivers of AllTime. Kamara was also Offensive Rookie of the Year, which helps his chances further. Its rattlesnake season in Texas. Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor. Jackson does an incredible job of avoiding hits and getting out of bounds, but there's naturally going to be questions about whether a quarterback can run the ball 10 times per game in the modern NFL and have a 15-year career as a starter. Kittle is the best all-around tight end in football right now, and if you could tell me this minute that he would have a 12-year career, I'd expect him to be a Hall of Famer. Left and right arrows move across top level links and expand / close menus in sub levels. 7 overall in the 2014 draft at the age of 20. Stafford posted gaudy numbers earlier in his career when the Lions had him lead the league in attempts, but he has made it to one Pro Bowl and hasn't won a playoff game in 11 seasons. A big individual season and a few MVP votes in 2020 would be enough to push him into the next category. Of the 16 Hall-eligible first-rounders who were first-team All-Pros as rookies, nine are enshrined. Instead, legendary players and coaches like Troy Polamalu and Jimmy Johnson will wait until next year to give their speeches in Canton, Ohio. . Lock (100%): LB Von Miller. In the running (40% to 69%): DE Josh Allen. Do you have a blog? He has three first-team All-Pro nods and a Super Bowl MVP before turning 31. Outside of that one year, though, he has three Pro Bowl nods, no first-team All-Pro spots and a 2-5 record in the postseason. Can Baker Mayfield's game be fixed? His time may come, but maybe not for a while. Will OBJ defy his long-shot odds to lead NFL in receiving yards? Jimmy Smith's peak was among the best ever. Whether Johnson will be there to welcome Watt into the Hall of Fame will be interesting. Over that five-year span, Landry ranks third in the NFL in catches and seventh in receiving yards. The star inside linebacker made his first Pro Bowl last season, which is incredible given that it was his age-21 season. But during his 15-year career, Lewis has only been a Pro Bowler and Second-Team All-Pro in 2010. Likely (70% to 99%): RB Ezekiel Elliott, G Zack Martin, OT Tyron Smith. Allen will have a tougher time (presumably) without Yannick Ngakoue or Calais Campbell around in 2020, but he's off to a great start. Work to do (10% to 39%): QB Baker Mayfield, DE Myles Garrett.

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