Either way, was there to serve my country. Got an Army Commendation Medal for that. Too many moves since then Ive lost whatever pics and paperwork that I had. All got Post Privileges except that winner got Off Post Privileges. My mother and father are now deceased and they had so many questions that never got answered. The warrant officer told me that there was a school opening at Fort Wolters three weeks after graduation from AIT and that I would have to speak to the CO and request that he hold me over. Big black guy who drank CC and coke every night. No installation appointments. You wont see much of fort sill to be honest, other than family day or graduation. also in the evenings you can go to dinner by yourself instead of marching to chow in the evening, but that might have changed since I graduated because almost everyone ate fast food instead. Congratulations for the good luck of staying out of that debacle. With that decision out of the way I really paid attention to all my training. The training consisted of the following: - Basic health care and hygiene for self and others - We learned how to give shots (practiced on each other using saline) - Drawing blood (practiced on each other) - Starting IVs (practiced on each other) I was suppose to go to fort Lee Va, for supply school finally got there in July of 71. Events (Receptions, Parties, Meetings, etc.) I remember the Stewardess gave us a small paper cup with some liquid that put us out for the entire flight. As JBSA begins to open its doors, it will truly feel like we are getting back to normal.. Throughout the Cold War and the post-Cold War period, Fort Sam Houston provided trained soldiers and units for exercises; for international crises like Grenada, Panama, Desert Shield, and Desert Storm; and for national disasters. I talked to a gentlman about 8 years ago that happened to work (Tinker AFB) with a cousing of mine (now deceased) and he was there and remembers everything. He also previously served as a 68W AIT instructor from 2013 to 2017. At the end of AIT, they told us that Tigerland had the highest survival rates of any infantry training center graduates serving in Vietnam. Army rescinds COVID-19 vaccination requirements, Department of the Army updates Total Army COVID-19 vaccination statistics, Department of the Army announces Total Army COVID-19 vaccination statistics, Army announces Total Army COVID-19 vaccination statistics, Army updates Total Army COVID-19 vaccination statistics, Army announces updated COVID-19 vaccination statistics. Drill sergeants are back at Advanced Individual Training (AIT)(Arden, 2018) and the Army is establishing a standardized combat casualty care instruction for all service members (Department of Defense, 2018, p. 1) in order to improve the emergency care medical capabilities of every service member. When I went people were allowed to come visit us on post but I know covid has made that a bit different and I think even the graduations are held virtually now. I was a kid (like most everyone else) when I arrived from Chicago at Ft. Polk in the fall of 72 and early 73 for Basic and AIT I just wish I could figure out (or remember) exactly WHERE I was there.. Echo-3-2 comes to memory, but Im not certain that its from there. First year alot came from cook county Chicago 2nd year it flipped and they were from Orange county LA. I dont remember too muchgetting head shaved, uniforms, etc. P.S. "Visit Fort Sam Houston" (description), I was at tigerland 1966-67..seargent Ramos.kept me aliveGodI hated that placebut now..Its one of my fondest memories. Alex Skripnichuk). I was totally scared. I went through AIT at Fort Polk June through August 1966 then to Nam. All of the guys that were in my company for basic training were National Guard guys from all over the US. I knew full well that I would not want to be an officer, I just wanted to get out as fast as I could. Where is DS Steel? As Ive posted before, went to the wall in Washington 3 times. He never made it to Vietnam and never made it back home. Fort Polk is a United States Army installation located in Vernon Parish, approximately 10 miles east of Leesville, Louisiana, and 30 miles north of DeRidder, Louisiana. Went to Fort Polk after doing basic at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Retrieved from https://www.army.mil/article/107777/department_of_combat_medic_training_prepares_soldier_medics_ Fort Sam on the other hand, should allow you to leave post once done with nremt. Join. He had just graduated from high school I believe a year before he was drafted. Brig. The command maintains several academic affiliations for bachelor's and master's degree programs with major universities such as Baylor University, University of Texas Health Science Centers at Houston and San Antonio, and University of Nebraska. Todays Army focuses on readiness, to include physical fitness, discipline, and medical proficiency. coat of arms of netherlands. I was one who came in from Cook County, Chicago on April 21st 66 in a plane load. There was an army Lt. assigned to the post to sign paperwork but the real boss was a retired army officer, Mr. Jett, G.S. While doing so, I devised and implemented a special processing method for processing in reservists, and got a Army Commendation Medal for it. . Retrieved from https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2016/04/25/millennials-may-need-drill-sgts-beyond-basic-army-says/, Vergun, D. (2018, September 5). Department of Combat Medic Training prepares Soldier medics for battlefield trauma care. Privileges granted in IET should support the phase training program, which establishes intermediate goals to help recruits in their transformation from civilians to soldiers. Went to the Vietnam Memorial 3 times so far. Did BCT at Polk Sep 67 to late Nov 67. Journal of Military Learning Submission Guide, Future Warfare Writing Program Submission Guidelines, 290 Stimson Ave. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 66027 Contact Us | 913-684-2127. Did 10 months and 5 days and went home wounded. I did Vietnam in 70 and that wasnt as tough as Polk, either. They were in such great shape. For some reason, I remember thinking that he may not have been in the best of health. Dont think they were doing AIT year books anymore at this time? An argument against this process is that the initial phases seven week block of civilian medicine doesnt prepare them properly for the final phase as some struggle to handle the added stress. Learn more. Got there about 7:30 pm or so. Can You Have A Tattoo In Army? He attended Basic Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and completed Combat Medical Specialist Military Occupational Skills Advanced Individual Training at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. do you know if they were stll doing AIT for Tigerland training cycles during 1970? I made SP5 in 15 months 03/68, and got out in 10/68. NEED HELP WE WERE SPRAYED DURING TRAINING PLEASE CONTACT ME AT jimmyandclaudia@gmail.com thank u jimmy. John Roppelt. Wounded Aug 1969 and DEROSed Jan 1970. Tripler AMC, Hawaii I got drafted, as well, 1966-1968. Fort Sam Houston was formally named for Gen. Sam Houston, the hero of the battle of San Jacinto and the first president of the Republic of Texas in 1890. Call 311, Option 8 covid-19@sanantonio.gov Collective Bargaining Almost got in bed about 2:00 am. Fort Polk is the only Combat Training Center that also trains and deploys combat units. Troops. 68 CMF Courses. That is unless you wanted to drop down and do push-ups by the snake. Was assigned to E-2-2. I was fortunate to qualify number one in the Battalion on the M-16 and was called to the stage at the graduation awards ceremony to receive a prize from the CO. The NCOs and instructors at Bullis will treat you like a human and it's a nice break from the crappy bays back and Ft. Sam. How long was Basic? Bravo Blackhawks! [8]:1820 [9], Between 1885 and 1893, 60 additional buildings were built on 43 acres, Upper post or Infantry Post, purchased by the army east of the Quadrangle, including the 1893 Band Barracks overlooking another parade ground. Fort Ord was closed when I was drafted due to spinal meningious. I always thought that AIT stood for Advanced Infantry Training but I now know it is Advanced Individual Training where you learn the skills to do your Army job. If you think you have been blocked in error, contact the owner of this site for assistance. Awful tour including malaria, food poisoning twice, agent orange residuals resulting in diabetes, and much more. It is unique among Army posts. After you pass the NREMT you can go anywhere on post in civis and can go anywhere off post in uniform. Active duty service members, retirees and their dependents (18 years or older), and civil service employees can sponsor service delivery by completing three steps: 1. Violators who speed 15 mph over the speed limit will receive an automatic 30-day suspension of base driving privileges. Fort Sam Houston is a U.S. Army post in San Antonio, Texas. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. We all became 11Cs. 2. Thank you for your service. The Fort Sam Houston is a well-known Army Installation. Three years ago at age 66, I was diagnosed with Leukemia which can be caused by Agent Orange. The post encompasses approximately 198,000 acres. Then I was sent to Ft. Bliss and thought Id died and gone to heaven. More than 27,000 military and civilian personnel work at the post, with an annual payroll and operating budget of $1.9 billion. I would like to say however that I wish I would have known him. Half a century ago next October. It was named in honor of the Right Reverend Leonidas Polk, the first Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Louisiana, and a distinguished Confederate general in the American Civil War. I guess I thought I was tough enough but soon realized that I wasnt. 3. Contact the Visitor Center (VC) via government email, or in person to validate sponsorship. jan. 1972. Major General Dennis P. LeMaster enjoys asking AIT soldiers what they would like to eat while he serves Thanksgiving meals at the Slagel Dinning Facility, Fort Sam Houston. You can also read the documentation to learn about Wordfence's blocking tools, or visit wordfence.com to learn more about Wordfence. Best Shirley McClain I ever met. JBSA-Fort Sam Houston, Texas 78234-5004 The symbolism of easing restrictions in time for Memorial Day is not lost on LeMaster, who has been in command since January 2020. My job was to process the records and send them to the records center. The primary mission at Fort Sam Houston is medical training support, with more than 16,500 graduates a year from the Medical Education and Training Campus. 1 juillet 2022 Interesting they dont list ssn anymore for good reason. No contracts. Gen. Christopher Augur. D 2 1 BCT Fort Polk, LA. New set, sent me to Ft. Eustis Va. for transportation school. So, we either worked in the same office, or you worked down the hall from our office. I met with the CO. I spent the next 15 months in that department, under the supervision of CW2 Paul A Brewer, and 1LT Norman A. Davis, Jr. Another person you may have known was civilian Virginia A. Walker, who was a civilian records clerk. Army AIT, or Advanced Individual Training, is mandatory for new recruits after completing Basic Combat Training (BCT). The US Armys premier multimedia organization that focuses on advancing the ideas and insights military professionals need to lead and succeed. my dad was a drill sgt here roger burdette wish someone had some pics of him think he was there in 1967-68 and later. Jakari Ford, with 1-229 Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 16th Combat Aviation Brigade, competes for the Regional Health Command-Pacific Best Medic competition at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., August 7, 2018. Contact the Visitor Center (VC) via government email, or in person to validate sponsorship. Free shipping and pick up at store available. Yes, I did go to Vung Tau, Vietnam, assigned to 147th Ash co, (Chinook) in flight operations, my point, am not sure, to this day, was it Divine intervention, or just plain good luck, yes, I think the first. As an OSUT, each company of trainees could be assigned their own drill sergeant and instructor cadre that take the company throughout the entire training process from beginning to end, thereby ensuring continuous standards and expectations of Soldiers, who need a steady amount of discipline over a long period of time to prepare themselves for their unit (Tan, 2016). I was at Fort Polk in June July and August 1966. Thank GOD you didnt hit anyone, fool. We practiced that many times. I contacted a warrant officer on post and was told I would have to take the test again as there were no results in my file. 11 talking about this. Because of the nature of the OCR technology, sometimes the language can appear to be nonsensical. Only my younger brother knows this you and God. Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future. For more information, call the JBSA-Fort Sam Houston DEERS Office at 210-221-0415. In June 2006, the San Antonio Express-News reported that Fort Sam Houston received utility disconnection notices due to budget constraints.[14]. Did a lot of out processing of basic and AIT units. Next I had to take a flight physical. some get it every Sunday others get it once a phase. gods speed . Posted On 7, 2022. It was a very memorable time in my life. It will never help bring back what Ive lost. Return to top. AIT for 68W at FSH is a lot like BCT Part 2. A small portion of Fort Polk is filled with dense, jungle-like vegetation, and this helped commanders prepare their units for battle in Southeast Asia. The Army has MOS 68C and you go through basic then a year of AIT. Got my right arm and left ass cheek screwed up and received a service connected disability from the shrapnel. Strange journey but I survived the Nam to live the Dream I living now! 68w Ait Training - XpCourse. . Army.mil. Several things were quite different from basic training. The U.S. Army has spent considerable time, effort, and money on locating, identifying, and inventorying thousands of archaeological sites on Fort Polk and the property owned by the U.S. Forest Service where the army trains. Britos remarks apply to Army infantrymen, but can also apply to Army medics. Visit COVID-19 website Questions? anyone remember what 1st Sgt Rainwaters first name is? 58, NO. United States Army Basic Training (also known as Basic Combat Training or BCT) is the program of physical and mental training required in order for an individual to become a soldier in the United States Army, United States Army Reserve, or Army National Guard. Tom Rafferty who later transferred to finance , Vinnie Mulvaney, Tom Kirila, Bill Damrel, Willie Williams, Mineola,Tx are some of the guys I worked with. I really need to get into touch with someone whom can vouch for me being there for my retirement benefits My job was in the Adjutant Generals office in Building 317, as well. Would it be on the DD214? Todd Scheuerman, I am looking for a fellow Sargent that I went through training with in 1967 with a man (odam) if spelled right. Office Location Army Education Center Bldg. Fort Sam Houston (Joint Base San Antonio) Directory 2484 Stanley Road, San Antonio, TX 78234 210-221-1211 Fort Sam Houston (Joint Base San Antonio) Official Website Fort Sam Houston is located in San Antonio, Texas and is part of Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) along with Lackland and Randolph Air Force Bases. Assigned to 4th Bn, 9th Infantry Regiment (Manchus), 25th ID. Was very lucky. An official website of the United States government, The Premier Installation In The Department Of Defense, JBSA-Fort Sam Houston Access Requirements. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. [8]:89, Throughout its existence, a close and harmonious relationship has prevailed between Fort Sam Houston and the City of San Antonio. Personnel must notify the entry controller that they have a privately owned weapon and where they intend on transporting it. Which I found out afterwards, why! That and when two of the DSs were throwing stones at the Southern Copperhead snake who was coiled up by the edge of the narrow, one lane road as our company marched by. Image: health.mil Army Physical Therapy Specialists (MOS 68F) perform physical therapy on patients at the direction of a Physical Therapist. Purple Heart didnt mean much when I discovered the loss of my writing ability in my right hand. It has a rich history of combat operations with medics being awarded many medals of valor for bravery under fire (Congressional Medal of Honor Society, n.d.). I got 1 hour sleep that night. Military Medical Training is provided by numerous elements, including METC, AMEDD Center and School, Brooke Army Medical Center, US Army Institute of Surgical Research, The Center for Battlefield Health and Trauma, Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute, as well as many smaller organizations. OPAT reducing trainee attrition, avoiding millions in wasted training dollars, officials say. I cannot speak for all of BCT. So hell yes it was still operating. Took my Basic Training a Polk, South Fort I believe, Mar 1968. Just like Basic Training, AIT progressively allows trainees more and more privileges, such as being able to leave post on the weekends, making personal phone calls, or having more personal time. Contact Information. To my beautiful bleeding bastard brothers of 11BRAVO who sweated suffered bitched and complained kicked ass fought and died in the Nam. Wordfence is a security plugin installed on over 4 million WordPress sites. It lasts seven weeks making it one of the shortest training periods for a medical-related MOS There are over 150 army enlisted professions, and training is at dozens of different locations. Thus we find that, in this respect also, moral as well as physical causes control emigration. Its been a LONG time, and its good to reminisce and remember. There are more rocks and trees to give you cover on the ground than there are in the sky. All but a handful went to Nam. 2022 PEOPLE BEHIND WECRUIT CHROMBIT ASIA. BAMC/I-35: 24/7 He had only been there a few months and became very ill. War is not for the weak. I get kind of remorse thinking how close i came to getting out of the bush without being wasted or wounded. would love to know if hes alive and ok. Bob Warden bigbadbob345@yahoo.com. I never ate a meal so fast, as I did that one . With the Armys focus on streamlining training, it raises a suggestion to improve the 68W Combat Medic course and transform it into a One Station Unit Training (OSUT) style Program of Instruction (POI). rao autorius Autorius ; rao data welsh springer spaniel club of america; rever de fiente d'oiseau sur la tete . [10] The deer pre-date Geronimo in the Quadrangle. Skills you'll learn: . Allan, did you work in the 1st wing of building 317? Being out of the bush would have been different maybe just more patrols as usual? Both were extremely nice people to work for, making my job a whole lot easier. You will hear a lot about the king of battle and will hear artillery. As of 2011, Fort Sam Houston is the largest and most important military medical training facility in the world.

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