Its no wonder most people with Pisces placements tend to be very intelligent. People with Gemini Venuses tend to be very loyal if they have an Earth sign/Rising. (Trine, Sextile, Conjuct) Moon- Venus individuals love beautiful women and they love uplifting women constantly. Earth placements over the 4th house, couldve grown up in a more nature like environment. Gemini mercuries tend to talk really fast to let all their thoughts out and people could ask them to slow down at times. ), Having this asteroid in the water houses can indicate you are seductive with emotions and you can manipulative and do the worse once theyre on your hook. 11th house stellium - 11th house is the house of fame, internet and social groups. Kind of like weight training its one step at a time, slowly lifting more weight in order to be able to handle the heavy weight! What do you think? Also, if you would like to get a chart reading from me, check out my paid services. We are all one, part of divine source, and we each have the opportunity to see this reflection in eachother, twin soul or not. the 10th house is the house of career. - mars-pluto aspects are smexy. They remember facts from years ago, its hard to fool them. Chart ruler in a positive aspect to 11th or 10th house ruler - if these are well-placed in regards to each other, the person usually becomes successful or famous. Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs tagged as #fame astrology with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience | Tumpik. . Moon in Sagittarius tend to be the biggest procrastinators. The moment you learn how to manage your karma and self discipline youll find that finding purpose becomes much easier to access. scorpio placements have a really intense way of communicating so scorpio mercuries may be mistakes for scorpio suns & big three scorpio placements. Pisces placements can be as paranoid as stereotypical Virgos can be. If they develop passion & emotion (Its a water sign), they would do great in Astrology. Your placements can tell you the way you manifest especially Jupiter. Venus touching Uranus would make someone admire more unconventional things (Astrology.). People with heavy Scorpio in their chart have a very heavy energy. If they suspect you.. its over.. theyll play their cards right until they get exactly what they need to see. They will teach themselves a whole subject if they have to (If they find it interesting enough, they have so many interests). Look for messages from intense environments and more of darker ones too. Also Ive noticed people with this placement tend to attract people who misunderstand what they say and at worse can twist it. Air placements tend to love experimenting with things often. Ariana Grande has this. This could result in you being fired up when you get that feeling of intuition. When looking at your birth chart, look at the degrees your Personal Placements and your MC/10th House (which is what you're known for) are in. A lot of people look up to them as well. Libra risings in composite tend to be the one cute couple that looks perfect to everyone, even if really isnt that way. Keep in . Virgo Mars men may like complete domination over their partner in sex. Cancer mars could be physically on the weaker side. (248) Asteroid Lamia can indicate where you can be the most seductive but the most hurtful to others / mostly masculine figures. Soo many celebrities have this! Urania in the 9th house would indicate taking Astrological knowledge to a higher level of education. I am fascinated by day to day astrology and transits and decided to talk about some of the ones that can be quite observable, specifically involving the Moon. May like gettinghigh with their partner. Mercury - Lilith aspects tend to love testing other peoples reactions with things they say and this could get them in trouble, they also have wild imagination and are prone to thinking really sexual thoughts often. One: The Fame Degrees. TheDesired couple. (Theory), Chiron in 3rd could make someone really shy / timid in activities where they have to present communication, the type to not like to present in class because they were too scared. do not repost, plagiarize, reword my observations. They attract people who wanna push them on a different path very often. This is not said / noted enough but Pisces placements (especially the rising) tend to be very weird individuals who may have unconventional interests. Lilith in 11th individuals could have troubling natures on the internet and perhaps more sexual. - Virgo sun with Aqua rising and vice versa, are usually painters muses or are especially admired for their curvy body beauty. (The ones who do this for a living or/and big hobby). (Mars & Especially Venus) Either that or theyve been wanting kids since young age. Venus in 5th in synastry could indicate one of you guys like the idea of unprotected sex. They will show the sides of themselves that you yourself are hiding. They may forget some things, but they never forget what you said on May 3rd 2019 3:10 A.M. Aquarius moons may have an interest in Science. A lot of Mars in 4th change locations a lot because of really aggressive reasons. They know the best accessories, etc. They need friends who will motivate them and not bring them down. I remember I was with this witch once she was scorpio rising and had Moon in 8th which are already psychic placements! (Lying about feelings etc). They help with partnerships/ relationships especially. Could indicate an authority figure who tried to control how they presented themselves. Aquarius moons naturally relate to Virgo moons from what Ive noticed. Personal planets at 5, 17, and 29. Youre sad and need validation? Chart ruler in a positive aspect to 11th or 10th house ruler - if these are well-placed in regards to each other, the person usually becomes successful or famous. They are very fierce and incredible loyal towards you and they have always been protecting you, especially from masculine figures that are bad for you. Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga have this. May like the idea of haunted mansions. Pisces moons tend to have a mother who couldve been spirituality devoted / had unconventional interests like Astrology. Uranus influence - Uranus rules fame, so having it positively influencing someones chart points to fame. People with Pluto in 10th are most likely to attract obsessive people on their social media. A lot may have old cars for example but really updated everything else. (h22) If the Priapus asteroid touches your lillith it can indicate youre very alluring and a lot of people may fantasize about you but there is something tabbo about you that could throw them off a lot. You can miss so much by simply going by what you read online. People with Aries in 2nd are respectfully, very bad with their money. Ive noticed Scorpio placements usually get worried about school a lot and are prone to get stress easily from it. Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga have this. They also tend to be very spiritual. Sagittarius placements could have gotten thetime out corner a lot when young. Ex; Scorpio in 4th= Secretive about family & doesnt wanna be in a vulnerable spot & secretive about how they truly feel and so on. People with Mercury in 9th tend to be very knowledgeable people, knowing a lot about anything. Moon in 10th individuals tend to have a mother who have high expectations for them, chances are they didnt received much emotional support. Depending on the planet, youll know more about the field you could be successful in. Leo or Capricorn rising - obviously not everyone with this is going to be famous, but Ive noticed that many celebrities have this placement. because why not. Venus in leo/ mars in leo remember just because your crush liked another girls instagram picture does not mean you are annoying.. If you have mars in 4th im just gonna assume you have deep rooted trauma from home life & the reason you are wayy over protective over anything and yourself. (Theory), Lilith in 4th in Synastry could indicate the mother could be envious of the connection. Aries placements LOVEEE standing up forwhats right more than libras to be honest. To look in the mirror through our relationships with others. but a lot of people with this placements suffer from a lot of intrusive thoughts. Mars in 3rd individuals could have a very competitive mind and may like having advantages. People with Saturn in 3rd may have a limited amount of siblings. Mercury in 10th individuals tend to guide the public eye with information / knowledge. This is the general indicator. Both love that ride or die shit. (Becoming Professional). Moon in Gemini = Them not stimulating you and not communicating well. (Some things just dont spark their interest), Pisces risings have really pretty legs. They are very balanced and loving to their approaches, they dont wanna come off as too harsh, just very balanced. Lilith - Ascendant aspects couldve been told things like Cover up or things of that nature because people tend to see them in more of a troubling nature. According to Nikola Stojanovic's . It could be easy to communicate with them through writing as well. Jupiter in Pisces give of old soul vibes, theyre wise, theyre meant to teach their knowledge. - Many legends or famous stories/events recreated are usually about Gemini people as the protagonist. They gain their achievements by making discoveries and finding out why things are the way they are. Fire placements especially Leo love steamy baths/showers. Capricorn moons could have a had a connection / relationship that changed them emotionally and perhaps they are more guarded now because of so. Women with major aspects to this tend to be major heartbreaks for men. Study yourself, know yourself; know thyself and youll know the universe. Cancer risings in composite can be the one couple everyone is likeOh yeah, theyre definitely having kids they could be seen as long term for family. 18 degrees make someone extremely sharp-witted and intelligent. They are very loyal and direct with you and not too emotional in their approaches. Their intuition is always right about things & people. If you have aries degrees in your chart, look at where it is! * Juno Conjunct vertex. Example= Blog made online to rant. Singers with Mercury/ Lilith could make really addicting music & people may replay their music a lot. * Moon 1st/2nd/7th/8th People with Jupiter in 3rd from what Ive noticed, tend to have a LOT of siblings. Urania being in the 12th can indicate youve done this before in a past live, could also indicate that you can connect spirituality to Astrology and find some interesting patterns. Yeah thats a Scorpio mercury / Scorpio placement, Moon in Aries individuals hate toxic everything they are definitely not the type to pull with any bullshit.. no second chances that is unless theyre emotionally involved. (80) People who have Sappho in the 11th house may have friends who are very attractive. In a synastry chart, if this asteroid is powerful it can indicate a lot of deceiving. Even if theyre tall theyre seen as small somehow. Here is where one can really tap into the realm of which they could end up focusing most on in this lifetime. (Check other placements). Aries placements go to extra lengths to make sure what they fight for has justice. (Check other placements). * Juno In aspect to the DC ruler (preferably conjunction/Trine/Sextile) - Air and Earth sun/rising love perfumes and smell good. : Personal planets, rising, or MC in Aquarius degrees 11 and 23 can easily attract social media influence. Virgo placements may love candles / plants or really nice nature / grounded things around them. Women who have this in the 5th and 8th are the most seductive to men and sexually arousing. While Mercury in direct is better to gather thoughts, I have found Mercury in Retrograde individuals are incredibly intelligent and have a bunch of innovative ideas?? Usually the cause of their petty online arguments. *What will you do higher study in at university/college/grad cert level? Venus in Libra / Taurus men to be very cry-babies in love. This reflection is amplified within the twin flame relationship, but it is not unique to that connection. For example moon- pluto can indicate literal harm attempt because of a connection, it should not be glorified. (#1108). With North node in 12th these individuals attract people who wanna push them on a different path. Mercury in 1st people have this effect on being whoever you want them to be. Mercury is also the scammer, con artist and trickster. (Check other placements), Leo placements (Especially Moon & Rising) may wake up with hair all over the place or somewhat messy. Sun is where we shine the most and when its in this house, we shine in social groups, online and in public setting. Example; Uranus in 1st may attract a lot of Aquarius energy or /and be confused as an Aquarius placement often. Libra placements are so easy to talk to literally. Venus in scorpio have a thing for people wholook bad & have tattos. Mercury imultifaceted and key in almost every single facet of our lives. Mars in Cancer may get tired of sports easily or loose energy for them easily. If Moon is in the 4th house it will fade any aggressiveness / bold nature of the moon sign its originally in. A lot love books. They send messages in a creative way. dramatic. Within yourself is most telling of course, youll begin to see the parallels within you reflect onto others. Could be good at studying criminal charts & etc. They are very empathetic and gives you insights on future events for you. have a very beautiful physical beauty to them. Venus in leo/ scorpio venuses probably fixate on that one song and then forget about it. Also, not all celebrities have these, but I am putting the most common and known indicators of fame! This is also a great indicator of creativity within the career.

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