0000008902 00000 n We Have You Covered Extended Transmission Coverage (ETC) Harness the Power of Genuine TES 668 Transmission Fluid Your Fleet of Information Allison HUB Premium I don't know if this has changed from previous models to your 2015. Original fluid from manufacturer . 1800 miles, The Best Mail Services For Full-Time RVers, The 10 Best Spring Break Destinations For RVers, What You Should Know About RV Towing Insurance, 4 Embarrassing Things We Did As New RVers, Visit Copano Bay RV Resort On The Texas Gulf Coast, Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 1. 2500 & 3500 Double Cab Short Bed: 29.4 Gallons . . SOURCE: Fluid Capacity for Transmission. With the shallow sump pump, you can expect to put in12.7 quarts or 12 liters the first time. 48RE - 14.5-16.5 Qt (14-16L) 45RFE/545RFE - 14.8-16.9 Qt (14-16L) 68RFE - 16.4-17.5 Qt (15.6-16.6L) 68RSC/AISIN - 13.74 Qts. 0000013537 00000 n Do not overfill the transmission. There are 3 main problems related to valve bodies of Allison 1000/2000/2400: 1. What are the fluid capacities for a 2004 Chevrolet 2500HD 6.6l Diesel? Kit includes: 2 Gallons of Allison Transynd synthetic fluid- (We have found this fluid . As long as there is no excessive wear inside from high miles or neglect, a good 5-speed Allison can hold about 100 more horsepower than stock. You want to check the tranny fluid level when the engine is running and make sure . The capacity has not changed in the last few sentences. 0000019075 00000 n We reinstalled our PPE deep transmission pan and torqued the bolts to 20 ft-lbs. Do not allow foreign matter to enter the transmission. Properties Of Advanced Automatic Transmission Fluid. If you pull the pan and remove the internal filter screen you will drain 2-3 more qts of oil. The Allison Transynd fluid replacement schedule is 150,000 miles OR 4,000 hours OR 48 months whichever comes first for general specs. If the transmission was completely overhauled or the torque converter was replaced or drained, add 7.7 L (16.3 pts.) While that does sound like a lot at first, just consider a custom tune can easily add more than 130 horsepower, getting you well into . Allison Approved synthetic fluids provide extended drain intervals and offer thermal and viscosity advantages over conventional petroleum based fluids, as well as other synthetic fluids. They should have the specs for all the models they sell and tell you about different top fluid brands you should use. Acceptable engine idle speed range (with transmission in drive): 500 - 820 rpm. It will take about 30 - 90 minutes depends on your skill level and might save you up to $200 depends on the region you live in. It is not going to be so much about the brand but the type of fluid you should use. To learn more about this important topic, just continue to read our article. Allison 3000 transmissions can hold approximately 29 quarts of fluid; the larger Allison 4000 can hold approximately 48 quarts. 0000019145 00000 n But there are no guarantees and none are being made here. Allison 4th Generation Electronic Controls with closed loop adaptive shifts. It doesn't matter. The Allison 1000 series transmission is a 6-speed automatic transmission with a maximum torque capacity of up to 1850 lb-ft. 19. 6-Speed Allison Transmission: VIN Identification: (8th Digit of VIN) 8: Displacement: 403 Cubic Inches or 6.6 Liters: . While our guide will give you the manufacturer's recommended fluid capacity for the L5P Duramax, you always need to check your dipsticks and tank levels. Check out the charts below to determine when you need to perform regular maintenance tasks on your L5P. What we find interesting in both categories is that the brand name does not matter. There are also 2 additional switches in the PSA that are not used. You do have to be careful as the transmissions, etc, are designed with certain specs that can only be met with the right fluids. It is also used in several other . There is a lot more to car care than you realize. 6L90 Transmission Fluid Capacity. One has a little sump pump, while the other has a standard-sized one. Watch how regular fluid changes with Allison Approved Fluids can help extend the life of your transmission. Overfilling will force fluid out of the case through the main shaft openings. There are more fluids in your vehicles that you need to be concerned about. HIg FLUID LEvEL - "oL" is displayed ( represents "Fluid (Oil) Level Check Mode") followed by "HI" ("HI" represents "High Oil Level") and the number of quarts the transmission fluid is overfilled. Or 3 & 1 year and 3 years and 6 months. You shouldnt try and see how long you can go without changing your oil or replacing your fuel filters. A forum community dedicated to Chevrolet and GMC diesel truck owners and enthusiasts. 8 o'clock position: 1.00 x engine speed. Although we can use the DEX-IV it's an Allison transmission, and we should use what Detroit Diesel covers though warrant. Read our table of Duramax fluid capacities here at Hot Shot's Secret. I use only high quality oils and fluids in my trucks. When the valve sticks TCM detects that the pressure sensor doesn't change the status and sets the trouble code P0872- after that the gearbox switches to the failsafe mode. The transmission shift selector display screen will display one of the following messages. Nowhere in my 2005 Chevrolet 3500 owners manual does it give me (that I could find) the capacity for the Alison transmission coupled with the 6.6 turbo diesel. The standard sump pump on the Allison 1000 transmission takes 14.8 quarts or 14 liters of fluid on the initial fill. Allison 3000 Transmission Fluid Capacity. extended fluid and filter change intervals are only allowed with an allison approved tes 295 automatic transmission fluid and allison high Capacity Filters. Shift the transmission to neutral (N) and shut down the engine. If the fluid level is within the COLD RUN band, the transmission may be operated until the fluid is hot enough to perform a HOT RUN check. This option you should not have to worry about. If they are honest, and not all mechanics are, then you should get the capacity plus information on good transmission fluid brands even if they are not famous. Luckily, this can be addressed by following the proper L5P Duramax Maintenance schedule. Its a promisea promise to engineer the highest quality transmissions in the world. This page was generated at 09:41 PM. The recommended type is synthetic gear oil with GM part number 12346190 for the manual and Dexron VI for the 4 and 5-speed . How To Open Pop-Up Camper Without Crank (Raise Broken Pop-Up), 3.31 vs 3.55 Axle Ratio: Difference Between 3.31 And 3.55, What Is the ACTIVE Network Credit Card Charge? Automatic Transmission, 1000 Initial fill, Automatic Transmission, Allison 1000, Total Fill, Manual Transmission, ZF S6-650, Total Fill, Differential, With 10.5 RingGear Amer Rear, Differential, With 8.5 RingGear Amer Rear, Differential, With 8.6 RingGear Amer Rear, Differential, With 9.5 RingGear Amer Rear, Cooling System, Initial Fill.24.8 quarts, Automatic Transmission, 6L90 Initial Fill.6.4 quarts, Automatic Transmission, 1000 Initial Fill.7.4 quarts, Differential, With 8.25 RingGear Front.3 pints, Differential, With 9.25 RingGear Front.3.6 pints, Differential, With 10.50 RingGear Rear.5.5 pints, Differential, With 11.50 RingGear Rear.6.4 pints, Differential, With 8.6 RingGear Rear.4.3 pints, Differential, With 9.50 RingGear Rear.5.5 pints, Transfer Case, MP 3023/3024.3.2 pints, Transfer Case, MP1222/1225.3.2 pints, Transfer Case, MP 1625/1626.3.2 pints, Automatic Transmission, 1000 Initial Fill. The Allison Transynd fluid replacement schedule is 150,000 miles OR 4,000 hours OR 48 months whichever comes first for general specs. Terms of Trade With the engine running at idle, remove the dipstick from the tube, then wipe the dipstick clean. Remove the dipstick tube cap. Thanks for your support! They will have more specific information for you. Fluid Capacity Specifications Allison 1000. The DEXRON VI improves and maintains the performance of older GM vehicles. 0000019224 00000 n Dex-VI does not appear to be on that list of fluids. 2023 Diesel Resource | All rights reserved. Clean all dirt away from around the end of the fluid fill tube before removing the dipstick. It is best to stick to the top brands when it comes to your transmission. 0000001550 00000 n 0000002264 00000 n With 8 cylinders, it produces enough power and torque that could tow a considerable truck. The key will be for you to use the right transmission fluid. 2. As with all automobiles, proper maintenance plays a crucial role in increasing the useful life of your truck. If you follow their instructions you should be okay. Profitable Foundation Drilling in 3 Steps, Why Choose Allison Transmissions for Material Handling Equipment, Construction Safety: Material Handling Operations, Benefits of Allison Transmissions in Material Handling Equipment, Selecting the Best Material Handling Equipment, rebuilt allison transmission for oilfield equipment, Rebuilt Allison Transmissions for Haul Trucks, rebuilt allison transmissions for heavy equipment transporters, CONTACT YOUR ALLISON REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE DETAILS, [C = Converter mode (lockup clutch disengaged); l = lockup mode (lockup clutch engaged)], Communication Protocol Engine/Vehicle Systems Interface, Torque converter turbine-driven spur gear, Six-bolt, 3 oclock and 9 oclock positions (as viewed from rear), PTO drive gear rating (continuous operation), Acceptable full-load engine governed speed:2200 3800* rpm, Acceptable engine idle speed range (with transmission in drive): 500 820 rpm, Maximum output shaft speed at 105 km/hr (65 mi/hr): 4500 rpm, Description: Non-zero-crossing square wave 8, 16 or 40 pulses per revolution of transmission output shaft. 0000580844 00000 n (TPO Roof Sealant), What Is The Cummins Fault Code SPN 3031 FMI 9? Add fluid or oil if you are at or below the fill or minimum mark. Thanks for that always trying to find specs. This will depend on the type of fluid you are running in your transmission. The final source will be a top mechanic that you trust. Allison 1000: 13/12.3: N/A: DEXRON III: DM, DVI: 05-08: Allison LCT 1000 (LW7) 13/12.3: 7.4/7: DEXRON VI: MLV: When you purchase one of the products from the links below, we receive a commission. The transmission is designed for use in trucks with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of up to 26,000 lbs. Engine, Transmission, Front and Rear . Sales & Support How to Service a Transmission on a 2014 Chevy . (Ford V10 Turbo Kit Options), What Sealant Can I Use On a TPO Roof? This practice should help extend the life of your transmission. 0000002151 00000 n Answered by GM Tech . Diagnosis. Allison Approved Fluids that are synthetic based offer improved viscosity that other fluids cant offer. The company seems to have two sets of approved fluids for you to use. It is best to check and keep to the schedule so you do not drive with a worn-out filter and risk damaging the transmission. See. (TPO Roof Sealant), What Is The Cummins Fault Code SPN 3031 FMI 9? Park the vehicle on a flat, level surface. Allison Transmission TES 295 Approved Fluids are approved for use in Allison 1000 Series, 2000 Series, 3000 Series, 4000 Series and H 40/50 EP on-highway products.. Allison recommends that customers using TES 295 Approved Fluid consider Allison's newest fluid spec, TES 668 , for their next service.. To purchase an Allison approved fluid, use the Sales + Service Locator . Please support our sponsors and let them know you heard about their products on iRV2. Free 800.966.9860. The standard or regular pan should only hold 17 quarts. But that amount is not that much and equals roughly 1 pint. After some research it was determined that it should have the manual trans fluid in it. I was the former Transmission Fluids Engineer at Allison Transmission from 1990-2009 when I retired. There are almost 20 brands to choose from on the list on the first page. Output Engine power Kw (hp): 224 (300) Output engine Torque Nm (lb-ft): 780 (575) Gross Vehicle Weight KG: 15000. Also, Allison has created a page of the best transmission fluids to use on their transmission. Total using two PTO's: 1595 Nm. For all three filters, you are looking at 50,000 miles or 3000 hours of operating time. When you refill the transmission with fluid, it should only handle about 10.6 quarts or 10 liters. They work on these transmissions and know exactly what they need. This quirk will give you some temporary hard jolts at first. Heavy towing or driving in extreme conditions requires more frequent maintenance. (Data Link Troubleshooting), How Many Quarts Of Transmission Fluid Does An Allison 3000 Take?, Allison 3000 Transmission Fluid Capacity, How Often Should You Change The Allison 3000 Transmission Fluid?. Transmission: Fluid capacity: Fluid type: . It all sounds like a lot but RV transmissions are not the same as car or truck transmissions. They will also recommend a good transmission fluid brand for you to use. If You're wondering what type of fluid to use, then it is DEXRON-Ill Automatic Transmission Fluid. Marvin the Mechanic. If you want it in hours, that is every 6,000 and 1,000 hours respectively. You should get 17 and 19 quarts inside the transmission depending on the fluid pan used for your particular model. If you use Dexron-VI or other transmission fluid, you are looking at 12,000 to 50,000 miles or 500 to 2000 hours of operating time. See, www.allisontransmission.com/my-allison/customer. I would take a sample and send it to an oil testing company for analysis before anything else except perhaps changing the filter. They built the transmission and they will have the best answer for you. One model has a shallow sump pump and the other has a standard size. Please note: all fields are required to enable your query to be directed to your local TDX expert. This is the basic transmission found in Chevy and GMC 2500HD and 3500HD trucks from 2001 onward, as well as some 1500HD trucks. Power Takeoff. If the fluid level is not within the HOT RUN band, add or drain fluid as needed to bring the fluid level within the HOT RUN band.

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