Following in the footsteps of the Models 10 and 31, which clocked in with sportsmen and soldiers across both world wars, the new and improved Model 870 Wingmaster debuted in 1950. Everything moves, clicks, and slides with a degree of smoothness you dont see in a lot of guns. they had made. Not that I've seen and that's part of why they didn't sell. Remington 870 Wingmaster Walnut .410 GA 25" Barrel 3"-Chamber 4-Rounds. These sort of arguments, like the Ford and the Chevy discussions, will be going on long after I am gone. The SBA3 is likely one of the best braces on the market. 870 Special Purpose Marine. Remington 870 DM is a very interesting mod of the 870. Theres a ton of models of Remingtons 870 shotgun. Its age, popularity, and easy means of customization has given it a massive aftermarket. Out of stock View Details . 14 Inch Cylinder Bore barrel Also, you may want to increase tension if you are hunting and crossing rough terrain, or in tactical situations for keeping the shotgun as a secondary and slung over your back. I am firearms instructor, competitive shooter and IPSC Range Officer. The 870 is a pump-action shotgun that features a different capacity from 4+1 to 7+1. a small bottle of oil and a bore snake, at least). Its carried the company for years and has been in constant production for a reason. Do not bend them more than a degree or two or it may start having feed issues. For guys thinking of calling Remington to ask about a conversion kit for their 870s (Cox says thereve been more than a few of these calls ) know that the road to a DM is more complicated than just bolting on a magwell. XS Steel Front Sight, XS Tactical Rail/Ghost Ring Rear Sight. Pump-action shotguns have limited capacity and can sometimes be slow to reload under stress when compared to other common defensive firearms used today.. Features: Proven 12-gauge, 3" 870 shotgun platform fed by a detachable 6-round box magazine. The second after I got my 870 dm I googled "870 dm magazine", and read that they were hard to find. Streamlight 69601 TL-Racker 1000 Lumen Forend Light for Remington Selected 870 Models with CR123A Lithium Batteries, Black, Box . There are Marine models, DM models, and Hardwood models. Manufacturer. I havent seen this in other reviews, but it is possible to smash your hand between the forend and magwell if you hold the forend too close. Before installing I took my Dremel tool and ground then smoothed and polished the area. A 12-gauge Remington 870 Wingmaster with Walnut Furniture. The standard tubular magazine tube is empty inside, and you can even store something there. With just a little practice I can load my gun or reload my side saddle quite quickly and intuitively. I put a recoil pad on mine but it doesn't really do that much!. This decreased the force to strip the first round under higher spring force from its maximum compression. Im not a fan of tubular magazines. They have an Electroless nickel plating that gives them a stainless steel appearance. Description Additional information . My guess is that Remington AR's ARE Bushmasters with different branding. The 870 also has a solid steel receiver that makes it incredibly . One of the most popular questions is about the possibility of adding a magwell to the standard Remington 870. Thanks. Mesa Tactical Urbino Remington 870 Stock with Limbsaver Buttpad (12-GA, Black) $117.00. There is also a Remington 870 just for you since it is produced in tons of different configurations for different uses. Get the best deals for remington 870 tactical kit at eBay. As a big shotgun fan, I try out a ton of shotgun based kit from ways to carry ammo to direct customization of my guns. Update your shipping location. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. I cleaned then "blued" the grounded off area so it . It holds ten and has no problems mounting to MOLLE gear and keeping ten quick rounds on hand. Rip the top off and drop it in opened zip it up and go. Strike Industries Valor Of Action M-LOK Handguard For Remington 870 Black SI-VOA. Remington tested the DM version with the 6 round mag vs the regular 870 and found the DM slightly more reliable due to less moving parts. Well specifically the stock/fore end, Barrell and magazine. That is why you need to be careful and hold the forend a little farther away, especially if you have the Magpul version. POD-209275, Home Magazine CONCEALMENT 10 Remington Detachable-Mag 870 DM. This case was some excellent laser cut foam and looks amazing. I hope that Remington will continue manufacturing firearms and parts soon. Ive had mine for years and through multiple deployments, and it still holds up. Magazine Capacity: Caliber: Clear selection. -Modified the trigger group. 79, Section 3, New Taipei Blvd., Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, 242032 +886 2 8522 9980. Of course, shotguns that feed from detachable magazines are not a new thing. $21.62. Well here we are 3 months later and the DM is still being made. Is it commercially available? Hyatt Place New Taipei City Xinzhuang. My first gun was a Remington 870 in .410, and I hunted many a rabbit and many a squirrel. From $891.77. 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Tactical Corn Cob Fore-end Remington 870 DM. American shotgunners know what they like, and they like the 870. Detachable box mags are one answer. The only rounds that will give you trouble are the small Aquila mini shells that seem to have issues feeding into the gun. Receiver Parts. In terms of reliability its a pump action shotgun, there is very little that can go wrong. Remington 870 DM Magpul 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun with Black Synthetic Stock and Detachable Magazine (Demo Model) Notify Me When Available. The rear sight is mounted on an XS Sights Shortrail Picatinny-style rail. All access to this website is therefore restricted. Save my name & email in this browser for the next time I comment. Six versions are available so far: two variants of the classic setup, with either wooden or black polymer furniture; the "Predator" variant, with a thumbhole stock and an overall Mossy Oak camo finish; the "Tactical" variant, with a fixed stock and pistol grip; the . UPC. It will draw attention of the new shooters. We are your source for aftermarket Remington 870 express tactical 6 position stock package with pistol grip upgrades for military police combat and hunting. With the right choke and ammo, you can certainly reach out there with, and of course, slugs are primarily dependent on the ammo and barrel. Remington 19717 870 DM 12GA 3rd Polymer Black Finish. Nordic Components, Clamp Gasket for Shotgun Barrel and Magazine Tube. 4.8 out of 5 stars . The interesting thing is that the Remington 870 DM comes with a super magnum bolt and a regular barrel with a 3-inch chamber. $35.33. The light is built into the pump, is blindingly bright, and the controls are all ambidextrous and positioned for quick and easy use. Slide Parts. The Magpul pump offer MLOK slots to attach accessories too, and on top of that the pumps design is a little longer in the rearward section. . These guns utilize a PGO design and have become extremely popular. i Save remington 870 dm mag to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. This finish is corrosion proof and is designed to be used in saltwater conditions. Thanx Please advise, Your email address will not be published. by Nov 07, 2017. The link description says Mossberg 870, fyi. Remington 870 DM for sale, Featuring a detachable magazine system and fire controls designed from the ground, up available with 3-, and 6-round mags. I mean it is a shotgun. Shoot it from the Hip!!! The SGA Stock is an ambidextrous, user-configurable buttstock designed to add much-needed adjustability to the tried-and-true Remington 870 12-gauge shotgun. Closeouts maybe? Again, I don't own a shotgun so I don't know, just curious. Also, the Mossberg is just a better gun. MOSSBERG 590M 12GA 10 Round MAGAZINE Double-Stack 95138 $112.00 $74.29. The only thing that will not work is a longer forend which is not compatible with the magwell. NcSTAR DLG Pistol Grip and Stock Adapter Fits Remington 870 Shotguns Polymer . The Remington 870 is a fantastic shotgun. The password should contain at least 8 characters with at least one number or special character. 5.11 is a legendary gear coming, and Viking Tactics is one of the best firearms training schools out there so a combination of both of them will guarantee some great equipment. . So the best way to improve a shotgun is to make it easier and faster to load. management team they had and what stupid decisions that Also, design of the magazine is very nice comparing to the competitors! At first glance, the 870 DM looks like any other 870, but on closer inspection youll notice that funky-looking bolt with the collapsible tail shroud. Recoil Hardware. More Information can be found at Adaptive Tactical SIDEWINDER VENOM 10 Round 12 Gauge MAGAZINE AT-00903 $51.44. But Remington never made any mags with decent capacity, whereas Mossberg sold 20's for their firearm. The 870 DM is stacking the odds in your favor with quick-loading 3- and 6-round magazines, allowing you to instantly alternate loads. wow what a bummer. Remington 870 Tac-14 Marine Silver / Black 12 GA 14" Barrel 3"-Chamber 4-Rounds. It seems like a step or two too many. The company is currently producing prototypes for Mossberg 500/590, Remington 870, Maverick 88, Mossberg 930 and the Remington 1100. They tried larger capacity mags but failure rates sent them back to the drawing board. The classic lines of the pump action shotgun combined with a deep blue finish and beautiful American Walnut makes everything else seem a little cheap. They can easily disconnect. Out of Stock SDS . According to Remington, they fired 100,000 rounds to test the new version, and it works perfectly. I wont buy another Remington ANYTHING until this has been addressed. I bought a sufficient quantity of additional mags so no big deal. No new mags is going to make it useless. $458.99. 870 DM Tactical / Predator (81354) 3 and 6 Round Detachable Magazines. It has a short pull, thats very light and entirely consistent. i used a 14 and 18 barrels, which are standard law enforcement equipment. The Remington 870 is one of the most used shotguns on the market, but there are ways to take this great shotgun to the next level with some upgrades. eBay Product ID (ePID) 23034600268. However, there are no magazines to be had. We go deeper into the Mossberg 500 vs Remington 870 debate in our 5 Best Home Defense Shotguns. Lights mounted on the barrel and magazine tube are not intuitive to reach and turn on in a fast-moving situation, and forget about any momentary switch. The engineers needed more space in the action to allow feeding from the magazines hooked lips, and they got that room by using the larger action size. . The Wingmaster models, in particular, are ultra smooth and feel ridiculously smooth. Just read through the post and was very amused with bubba stating that he found my claim unbelievable. The best answer for you is to choose a reliable, accurate platform optimized for your real estate and get proficient with it. What is the name of that absolutely sexy as F@ck barrel clamp and magazine extension on the one 870 that you have pictured? Heavy debt, bad management that might explain why no magazines and the discontinued model 870 DM shotgun. 18.5 Inch barrel with Extended Ported Tactical Choke $29.95. The 870 uses dual action bars and has one of the smoothest actions out there. Its currently produced in 12, 20, and 28 gauge, as well as .410 bore. 870 dm, remington 870 dm price Remington 870 DM Magazine - 870 DM Magazine Remington didnt start this project yesterday; it has been going on for a few years. Do I pass up what seems to be a super deal?? He just did not have any availability date on the magazines. Yeah, it seemed like a great deal. Shipping to: 23917. Here is a brief look at the current models of Model 870 shotguns and firearms. Description: REM 870 DM PRD 12M/18CB KH Brand: Remington Model: 870 DM Predator Type: Shotgun: Pump Action Caliber: 12 Gauge Finish: Camo Action: Pump Action Stock: Kryptek Hylander Camo Synthetic Sight: XS Sights Barrel Length: 18.5 Overall Length: 38.5 Capacity: 6+1 & 3+1 Safety: Cross Bolt Safety Receiver: Kryptek Hylander Camo . XS Steel Front Sight, XS Tactical Rail/Ghost Ring Rear Sight Think it has more to do with the platform most people are going to AR lookalikes and for roughly the same price,of course now that has dropped you can find a good price on the pump gun conversion.Myself naw i will go for a pump for the looks and stay with a actual pump, I mean 7+1 on a pump and a 10 round mag on a conversion NAWWW plus the fact extened tubes get you that 10 and more,if it was a semi-auto with mags well HUMMMMM. Just make sure to put some kind of plug there or even a standard magazine follower. These are my speed reload rounds if you will. Ive only seen it one other place (a picture of a marine no less), but cant seem to find one for myself. There will be those who will say putting a detachable magazine on the 870 is a terrible idea. That way, the contents of the tube wont fall off from it. These bandoliers are quicker, and in a pinch, I can reload much faster with these than the Ammo Pouch. Do not buy dm 870. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Adaptive tactical makes a conversion kit for a Mossberg 500 to use magazines. Sure enough, come late April of the same year, Remington announced the release of TAC-14. MAG460 Series SGA Ambidextrous Buttstock Remington 870 Shot gun 12 Gauge Grey. Many people were wondering the similarities an. Category : Shotguns Tactical. Small in size but huge on home defense capability the Model 870 Tac-14 DM combines the devastating threat stopping power of the Tac-14 with a detachable magazine. By that I mean its a new shotgun with a new concept with respect to the magazine I expected there to be problems. I wish they had more choices because it would be great to have more rounds. The round was not being pushed out of the mag by the bolt face. The magazine release is a little stiff, so you need to pull the magazine at a certain angle. The 5.11 VTAC Bandolier is well suited for battle belts or plate carriers as well. Remington 870 Express Tactical Defense 12 GA 18.5" 3" 6 RDs. anything extra and your Personalize your experience. (1 customer review) J P ENTERPRISES (In Stock) 5.0 (2) AR-15 ECHO CONVERSION KIT 22LR. It's the fastest response time of any pump shotgun in history, and the ultimate choice for a home defense shotgun. This thing is a Pez dispenser for shotgun shells. Remington 870 DM. Remington has more than 30 different countries wielding the famed 870 in their police, military, and defense forces. There is some overtravel, but very little. Learn how your comment data is processed. However, these guns are still very reasonable, especially on the used market. possible last Remington I will buy the company was run into the ground. . And itll dawn on you, as it did for us, that Remington used the Super Magnum action as the basis for the 870 DM. Pistol Conversion Kits. Placement of the slide lock release is forward of the trigger guard and is also very easy to reach with the trigger finger to release it. I dont mean the classic movie style where you grab the pump and shoot it up and down. Love from America, Your email address will not be published. item 1 12ga Wolff Extra Power Magazine Spring for Remington 870 6-7 round models 12ga Wolff Extra Power Magazine Spring for Remington 870 6-7 round models. 18.5 Inch Rem Choke Barrel with two Trulock Extended Chokes (Boar Blaster and Turkey /Predator) The sights on this first model of the 870 DM (there will be five models available: a Base Model, the MagPul model, a Kryptek Camo hunting model, a Base Hardwood model, and a Tactical Model with pistol grip and including an XS Sights Ghost Ring rear sight and a standard dot tritium front. $41.99 $37.95. One of the popular questions is about possibility to add a magwell to the standard Remington 870. This is a small vertical pouch that holds five rounds of ammo. Click below for a FREE LESSON! NEW for 2016 - Available for short & long-action Remington 700 BDL . Get the 76th edition of the World's Greatest Gun Book. It is an interesting feeling when you hold the same pump you have, but now with a removable box magazine included. One problem with the shotgun is the size and weight of the ammo, the tube magazine, and ways to effectively carry extra ammo. My side saddle is there to reload my shotgun quickly, and the Tuff Strip reloads the sidesaddle in a flash. Most of the upgrades and accessories for the Remington 870 are compatible with the 870DM. The Bulpup kit is constructed from FRP (glass reinforced polymer) which creates a very . $835.99. Here is the Washington Post article:, i also bought an 870 DM and have been trying for a year to get (, We noticed that you have previously logged in with your, Check what do you get by creating an account, Bookmark and compare your favorite firearms, Best Remington 870 Models & Upgrades: 5 Builds, Admittedly the Tac 14s handle differently, and theyve had their, Without question, the Surefire DSF 870 is expensive but worth, There are lots of options for slings out there, but I am a diehard fan of the always awesome, If you own a TAC 14, or even a Shockwave, then, What do you folks think about the Remington classic? Hey, it's obscenely huge. Number of Rounds. Total bs- you cant get mags for these things and the parts support is garbage- I contacted them for a dm part and they said it was restricted because they didnt want people trying to convert 870s.

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