directory but with zero instructions and zero actual user interface. image[15][26]=new Option("Tuesday 7am","RH29"); image[7][24]=new Option("Monday Night 7pm","WindSpd25"); image[6][22]=new Option("Monday 1pm","Td23"); image[0][0]=new Option("Tomorrow","MaxT1"); Brochures image[3][15]=new Option("Sunday 4pm","Wx16"); River Levels Cyclocane image[12][4]=new Option("Saturday Night Ending 1am","IceAccum5"); Access to certain dual-polarization radar products to help differentiate between precipitation types, such as rain and snow; More radar data, including 159 NEXRAD Doppler radars and 45 Terminal Doppler Weather Radars. image[12][10]=new Option("Monday Ending 1pm","IceAccum11"); Safe Boating, NEWS image[5][16]=new Option("Sunday Night 7pm","T17"); Radar is automatically set to display weather warnings, statements and advisories. NOAA Weather Radio This is a full resolution nexrad doppler radar loop covering the entire national lower 48 states Fire Weather Pubs/Brochures/Booklets, EDUCATION Questions? Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Future radar mode can be enabled on the bottom left (+7 hours). Events image[4][28]=new Option("Tuesday Night 7pm","WWA33"); Follow along with us on the latest weather we're watching, the threats it may bring and check out the extended forecast each day to be prepared. image[10][0]=new Option("Tonight Ending 1am","QPF1"); image[10][1]=new Option("Tonight Ending 7am","QPF2"); image[7][19]=new Option("Sunday Night 4am","WindSpd20"); Questions? And we also provide radar images more frequently and at four times higher resolution than before. Tsunamis image[6][6]=new Option("Saturday 1pm","Td7"); image[4][16]=new Option("Sunday Night 7pm","WWA17"); image[15][20]=new Option("Monday 7am","RH21"); image[3][30]=new Option("Wednesday 7am","Wx37"); International Weather, WEATHER SAFETY image[15][6]=new Option("Saturday 1pm","RH7"); Glossary Red Cross image[5][15]=new Option("Sunday 4pm","T16"); Alaska| Guam |Hawaii | Puerto Rico, ACTIVE ALERTS Snow Amount Ice Accumulation Wave Height Apparent Temperature Relative Humidity. NWS radar coverage of Northeast. The webpage is more reliable now that it's on an operationally supported system 24/7. image[14][4]=new Option("Saturday 7am","ApparentT5"); image[2][5]=new Option("Monday","PoP126"); Wilmington, OH1901 South State Route 134Wilmington, OH 45177937-383-0031Comments? Northeast, NY Weather Radar | AccuWeather Today WinterCast Hourly Daily Radar MinuteCast Monthly Air Quality Health & Activities Northeast Weather Radar Now Rain Snow Ice Mix United. image[5][24]=new Option("Monday Night 7pm","T25"); A new storm system moves down the West Coast with heavy snow to low elevations, and potential for heavy rain that could cause flash flooding along the coastal areas of northern California and southern Oregon. image[4][2]=new Option("Tonight 1am","WWA3"); Rockies: Loop Southern Plains: Loop Srn. image[5][25]=new Option("Monday Night 1am","T27"); Plus: The new GIS-based webpage delivers radar data in a more flexible format, so emergency managers can incorporate that data into their own situational awareness databases to help them make local decisions. Please consult your device documentation for instructions. Brochures, ABOUT NWS CAP Feeds, PAST WEATHER gHWO Geo-locate can be identified on the bottom left for mobile users (Locations). image[4][17]=new Option("Sunday Night 10pm","WWA18"); image[0][6]=new Option("Friday","MaxT7"); image[8][4]=new Option("Saturday 7am","WindGust5"); image[3][25]=new Option("Monday Night 1am","Wx27"); Air Quality image[4][5]=new Option("Saturday 10am","WWA6"); image[15][14]=new Option("Sunday 1pm","RH15"); Excessive Rainfall and Winter Weather Forecasts, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Difficult to impossible travel across wide swaths of U.S. due to coast-to-coast storm. image[11][9]=new Option("Sunday Night Ending 7am","SnowAmt10"); image[14][13]=new Option("Sunday 10am","ApparentT14"); 1325 East West Highway. image[3][21]=new Option("Monday 10am","Wx22"); Latest Warnings Southwest: Loop Srn. image[5][22]=new Option("Monday 1pm","T23"); Please select one of the following: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. image[5][20]=new Option("Monday 7am","T21"); MOS Prod GFS-LAMP Prod Climate Past Weather Predictions Have a comment on this page? image[4][30]=new Option("Wednesday 7am","WWA37"); image[7][39]=new Option("Friday 1pm","WindSpd55"); Products and Services Single Site Radar For single site data, go to Page loaded: 21:38 UTC | 01:38 PM Pacific | 02:38 PM Mountain | 03:38 PM Central | 04:38 PM Eastern image[9][21]=new Option("Monday 10am","Sky22"); Be sure to check out these video tutorials and frequently asked questions to help you get started using the site. image[14][27]=new Option("Tuesday 1pm","ApparentT31"); image[4][0]=new Option("Tonight 7pm","WWA1"); StormReady image[14][26]=new Option("Tuesday 7am","ApparentT29"); NWS Severe weather threat across the Ohio Valley and heavy snow for the Upper Midwest, Great Lakes and into the Northeast. For Students, Parents and Teachers image[6][35]=new Option("Thursday 1pm","Td47"); image[15][15]=new Option("Sunday 4pm","RH16"); image[9][22]=new Option("Monday 1pm","Sky23"); image[4][14]=new Option("Sunday 1pm","WWA15"); image[1][5]=new Option("Thursday Night ","MinT6"); Hurricanes Space Weather Thunderstorms NWS All NOAA NWS Radar Imagery Satellite | Radar | Aircraft Recon | GIS Data | Analysis Tools Please Note: These images do not originate from the NHC website. Please try another search. image[4][4]=new Option("Saturday 7am","WWA5"); Are you Weather-Ready for spring hazards? Let us know. the radar images on their local office's web page, but it was hardly a Hayley built this. Follow us on Twitter. Please Contact Us. The unit of radar reflectivity is dbz. var store=document.conditions.time; Please select one of the following: Local KILN Standard Radar (low bandwidth), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Fronts/Precipitation Maps National Weather Service image[7][36]=new Option("Thursday Night 7pm","WindSpd49"); National Weather Service. Floods Looking at several radar images over a period of time or a radar loop can offer clues about where and how fast the rain or snow is falling. and Fronts/Precipitation Maps image[2][9]=new Option("Wednesday","PoP1210"); Page Author: NWS Internet Services Team. Colder scale indicates heavier rain and snow. image[15][19]=new Option("Sunday Night 4am","RH20"); image[8][16]=new Option("Sunday Night 7pm","WindGust17"); Climate Monitoring image[8][21]=new Option("Monday 10am","WindGust22"); image[15][36]=new Option("Thursday Night 7pm","RH49"); image[3][6]=new Option("Saturday 1pm","Wx7"); image[9][4]=new Option("Saturday 7am","Sky5"); var image=new Array(images); image[14][8]=new Option("Saturday Night 7pm","ApparentT9"); image[3][24]=new Option("Monday Night 7pm","Wx25"); Aviation Secure .gov websites use HTTPS image[7][9]=new Option("Saturday Night 10pm","WindSpd10"); image[7][37]=new Option("Thursday Night 1am","WindSpd51"); their relevant radar ICAO codes memorized (I sure don't!). image[0][5]=new Option("Thursday","MaxT6"); image[5][39]=new Option("Friday 1pm","T55"); image[3][14]=new Option("Sunday 1pm","Wx15"); The NOWRAD Radar Summary maps are meant to help you track storms more quickly and accurately. Caribbean image[3][19]=new Option("Sunday Night 4am","Wx20"); We have updated our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. image[3][1]=new Option("Tonight 10pm","Wx2"); National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Hurricanes image[2][7]=new Option("Tuesday","PoP128"); image[13][17]=new Option("Tuesday Night Ending 7am","WaveHeight18"); Tsunami Warning System Marine NOAA Weather Radio image[7][3]=new Option("Tonight 4am","WindSpd4"); Contact the helpdesk for operational issues. image[13][9]=new Option("Sunday Night Ending 7am","WaveHeight10"); Surface Weather website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. image[9][11]=new Option("Saturday Night 4am","Sky12"); image[8][23]=new Option("Monday 4pm","WindGust24"); Organization image[8][2]=new Option("Tonight 1am","WindGust3"); NWS Education Home image[5][2]=new Option("Tonight 1am","T3"); image[3][3]=new Option("Tonight 4am","Wx4"); image[12][11]=new Option("Monday Ending 7pm","IceAccum12"); Rip Currents image[8][19]=new Option("Sunday Night 4am","WindGust20"); Northeast US 1800-Mile Doppler Radar 1 Map Northeast US Doppler Radar Current rain and snow in the Northeast US. On December 17, 2020, the National Weather Service updated the web application hosted at Switching to radar only mode in the layers menu will update the image every 5 minutes. Tropical Atlantic Click to enlarge Single Image / Loop. image[13][1]=new Option("Tonight Ending 7am","WaveHeight2"); NWS Radar Interactive radar is available on the Enhanced Radar page, which is now located on the main navigation using the down arrow button. image[2][4]=new Option("Sunday Night ","PoP125"); image[10][11]=new Option("Monday Ending 7pm","QPF12"); NWS CAP Feeds, PAST WEATHER The radar image depicts a line of showers and thunderstorms moving through parts of eastern Texas and western Louisiana. image[5][23]=new Option("Monday 4pm","T24"); National Weather Service mission and vision. image[11][8]=new Option("Sunday Night Ending 1am","SnowAmt9"); Hurricanes to pause or choose the speed of the loop. image[5][6]=new Option("Saturday 1pm","T7"); image[1][0]=new Option("Tonight","MinT1"); Monthly Temps Read More >. image[0][1]=new Option("Sunday","MaxT2"); Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor System (MRMS). Winter Weather image[6][1]=new Option("Tonight 10pm","Td2"); JetStream Strategic Plan image[6][36]=new Option("Thursday Night 7pm","Td49"); TsunamiReady Glossary Certified Weather Data, CURRENT CONDITIONS International Northeast NEXRAD Weather Radar Mosaic (CLICK to zoom) SELECT BOX EXAMPLES for LOCAL WEATHER: additional OPTIONS: City, ST-or- ZIP code-or- ST radar-or- snow-or- map . Past Weather image[13][10]=new Option("Monday Ending 1pm","WaveHeight11"); image[15][9]=new Option("Saturday Night 10pm","RH10"); For example, if you select "Weather for a location," then select a location, the bookmark will return to your location on your next visit. image[9][35]=new Option("Thursday 1pm","Sky47"); image[7][15]=new Option("Sunday 4pm","WindSpd16"); image[11][4]=new Option("Saturday Night Ending 1am","SnowAmt5"); Northeast Sector Click to enlarge Single Image / Loop. image[14][9]=new Option("Saturday Night 10pm","ApparentT10"); image[6][24]=new Option("Monday Night 7pm","Td25"); image[9][32]=new Option("Wednesday Night 7pm","Sky41"); image[3][37]=new Option("Thursday Night 1am","Wx51"); NOAAs new interactive radar viewerwebpage with expanded radar data will allow you to observe the type and movement of precipitation falling from the sky. The radome (tower; right) is located at NOAA's National Weather Service office in El Paso, Texas. image[9][2]=new Option("Tonight 1am","Sky3"); Got radar? image[14][6]=new Option("Saturday 1pm","ApparentT7"); StormReady image[4][29]=new Option("Tuesday Night 1am","WWA35"); Weather radar is fixed for a location but can be panned /zoomed to different areas on the map. image[8][11]=new Option("Saturday Night 4am","WindGust12"); image[4][15]=new Option("Sunday 4pm","WWA16"); US Dept of Commerce image[5][1]=new Option("Tonight 10pm","T2"); image[1][6]=new Option("Friday Night ","MinT7"); image[14][22]=new Option("Monday 1pm","ApparentT23"); image[3][23]=new Option("Monday 4pm","Wx24"); National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Newsroom image[7][21]=new Option("Monday 10am","WindSpd22"); image[14][39]=new Option("Friday 1pm","ApparentT55"); Miss. Records image[7][16]=new Option("Sunday Night 7pm","WindSpd17"); image[5][30]=new Option("Wednesday 7am","T37"); image[15][30]=new Option("Wednesday 7am","RH37"); National Centers image[15][31]=new Option("Wednesday 1pm","RH39"); image[9][1]=new Option("Tonight 10pm","Sky2"); image[14][7]=new Option("Saturday 4pm","ApparentT8"); image[9][25]=new Option("Monday Night 1am","Sky27"); image[15][38]=new Option("Friday 7am","RH53"); Hurricanes image[15][22]=new Option("Monday 1pm","RH23"); image[14][17]=new Option("Sunday Night 10pm","ApparentT18"); Fire Weather image[14][11]=new Option("Saturday Night 4am","ApparentT12"); Aviation Weather Snow Cover If you have reached this page your request is either invalid or the bookmark used needs to be recreated. Brochures NWS image[3][29]=new Option("Tuesday Night 1am","Wx35"); image[15][12]=new Option("Sunday 7am","RH13"); image[10][7]=new Option("Sunday Ending 7pm","QPF8"); image[6][9]=new Option("Saturday Night 10pm","Td10"); image[7][13]=new Option("Sunday 10am","WindSpd14"); image[9][9]=new Option("Saturday Night 10pm","Sky10"); Current Outlook Maps International Weather, WEATHER SAFETY image[7][2]=new Option("Tonight 1am","WindSpd3"); image[6][30]=new Option("Wednesday 7am","Td37"); image[3][7]=new Option("Saturday 4pm","Wx8"); image[6][38]=new Option("Friday 7am","Td53"); image[7][22]=new Option("Monday 1pm","WindSpd23"); image[5][29]=new Option("Tuesday Night 1am","T35"); All NOAA, ACTIVE ALERTS image[9][10]=new Option("Saturday Night 1am","Sky11"); . Weather radar can track rain and snow, and see potential for flash flooding. Please Contact Us. Doppler Radar National Loop . image[2][10]=new Option("Wednesday Night ","PoP1211"); image[15][27]=new Option("Tuesday 1pm","RH31"); image[9][15]=new Option("Sunday 4pm","Sky16"); image[7][30]=new Option("Wednesday 7am","WindSpd37"); image[5][34]=new Option("Thursday 7am","T45"); image[12][8]=new Option("Sunday Night Ending 1am","IceAccum9"); Discover career opportunities at the National Weather Service. image[14][23]=new Option("Monday 4pm","ApparentT24"); Aviation image[1][3]=new Option("Tuesday Night ","MinT4"); International image[15][23]=new Option("Monday 4pm","RH24"); Climate Monitoring image[6][14]=new Option("Sunday 1pm","Td15"); Click map to retrieve additional details from the highlighted areas. International Observations, FORECAST image[4][9]=new Option("Saturday Night 10pm","WWA10"); Northeast U.S. NEXRAD Radar Loop: Enter ZIP code or City, State. Excessive Rainfall and Winter Weather Forecasts image[3][13]=new Option("Sunday 10am","Wx14"); This imagery is a of composite stitch of NEXRAD base reflectivity data from individual sites across the domain of the satellite sector currently being viewed. image[14][1]=new Option("Tonight 10pm","ApparentT2"); Tornado HQ Sorry, the location you searched for was not found. image[5][33]=new Option("Wednesday Night 1am","T43"); image[14][19]=new Option("Sunday Night 4am","ApparentT20"); image[4][31]=new Option("Wednesday 1pm","WWA39"); GIS New York New York State 56 Miami Beach Coast Guard Station Florida State 78 Boston Massachusetts 45 Chicago Illinois 39

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